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Richard Ashcroft confesses to taking Prozac for depression
- The singer - who is married with two sons - admits he has always been a "depressive" but says the pills didn't help.

Richard Ashcroft has confessed he took Prozac to help him cope with depression.

The singer - who is married with two sons - admits he has always been a "depressive" but says the pills didn't help.

He said: "I'd definitely say I'm a depressive, someone who suffers from depression.

"Without music and creativity I'd need other forms of therapy. But for me, the life process is the process of healing yourself.

"Some people need pills for it - I've tried medication and found that it just doesn't work for me. It's very, very synthetic."

The former frontman of The Verve says he decided his depression was just a part of him.

He told Britain's Telegraph magazine: "I came to the conclusion that my mind doesn't actually need healing.

"We're all ill. We're all sick really. We deal with it in our different ways. We're all carrying something."

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