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30 April 2004, Issue 11
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1. INTRO: Oleanna
2. TOP TEN: Leading West End shows
3. AVAILABILITY CHECK: Top shows with tickets
4. FIRST NIGHTS: Openings, Cast News
5. CURTAINS DOWN: Shows ending their runs
6. THEATRE PACKAGES: Tickets and Hotel Packages
7. ACCOMMODATION: Great deals for London theatregoers
8. GROUPS: Free tickets and big savings

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Writer: David Mamet, Director: Lindsay Posner
Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Julia Stiles
Garrick Theatre, Charing Cross Road, London WC2
Tube: Leicester Square/Charing Cross
Ticket Price: UKP25-35 + Fees

David Mamet’s 1992 script gets a fresh West End outing with Aaron Eckhart playing John, the college professor lost in a sea of political correctness after a bust up with his challenging pupil Carol (Julia Stiles).

John is under pressure. His promotion to college tenure is tantalisingly close to being sealed. His new house purchase is in the balance and his phone rings every few minutes to update him on the precarious move.

Carol initially comes across as seriously confused. Confused by her poor grade from John, confused with John’s course and, as they discuss her work,increasingly confused by him.

They spend the opening of the play talking across, interrupting and generally ignoring each other. Here is the root of their dislocated relationship. Neither side spends the time to comprehend the other and ultimately it is this lack of understanding that propels the two toward disaster.

Oleanna is not just a cautionary tale on modern political correctness. It asserts the intellectual triumph of fresh ideas and youth over entrenched values. Indeed, despite any sympathy that the audience might have with the bedazzled professor, it is the student who ultimately contrives to hold all the aces in their battle of wills.

Eckhart’s (In The Company of Men, Erin Brockovich) performance is solid from the start and his unfolding quandary is well carried. For me Julia Stiles (Ten Things I Hate About You, Mona Lisa Smile) took time to warm up, but in her defence this coincides with the increasing confidence garnered by Carol as the tables are turned in this wry drama tale of sexual mores.
Peter D. Clee (mailto:[email protected])

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Top Ten Shows - April 2004
1 Jerry Springer, The Opera
2 We Will Rock You
3 Les Miserables
4 Thoroughly Modern Millie
5 Fame
6 The Lion King
7 When Harry Met Sally
8 Stomp
9 Bombay Dreams
10 Anything Goes
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Top shows with good ticket availability

The Lion King (Our best seller has excellent availability for 2004)
Thoroughly Modern Millie (Starring Amanda Holden and Maureen Lipman)
Chicago (London's long running sultry crime musical)


4. FIRST NIGHTS: Openings, Cast News

- Jailhouse Rock - The Musical (opened 19 April 04)
Jailhouse Rock includes classic hits Blue Suede Shoes, Suspicious Minds, Are You Lonesome Tonight? A Fool Such as I, Burnin' Love, The Wonder of You, One Night, Tutti Frutti ...and many many more!
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5. CURTAINS DOWN: Shows ending their runs

- Bombay Dreams (June 04)
A fusion of fantasy and glamour, epic spectacle and heart-aching romance, Bombay Dreams is a unique musical voice in the West End.
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6. Hotel and Theatre Breaks:
- For great deals on hotel and theatre packages we now offer a wide variety of theatre and hotel packages. Choose from a list of the West End's top shows and combine your tickets with a range of recommended hotels to suit all budgets.
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Special offers currently available:
The Rat Pack & 3* hotel
- UKP107.50
We Will Rock You & 3* - UKP84.50
Chicago & 3* hotel - UKP96.50
Anything Goes & 3* - UKP72.50


7. LONDON ACCOMMODATION: Great deals for London theatregoers

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8. GROUPS: Free tickets and big savings

Are you planning a works party, school trip, birthday treat or laying on
corporate hospitality?

LondonNet's ticketing specialists will be happy to advise you on group
bookings for theatre. Our advisors have in-depth knowledge about shows and
theatres across the West End and are here to help you make the right choice
for your party. Because of our close relationship with the theatres and
ticket wholesalers we are able to obtain discounts on many shows.

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