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22 Oct 2004, Issue 16

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Music: Rock and Pop
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Kanye West and Talib Kweli
Brixton Carling Academy
22 November 2004 7.00 PM

Kanye West came out of nowhere to put Chicago hip-hop back on the map. Finding a good balance between the contrasting styles of two other Chicagoans, the base thug rap of Twista and the R&B infused cerebral ramblings of Common, his debut full length, College Dropout, was able to enter the Billboard charts at #1 in the US. MTV's heavy rotation of the infectious and unusual first single, "Through the Wire" (recorded while his mouth was wired shut after an accident) helped the cause. Having made a name for himself as a some-time producer for the likes of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys didn't hurt his commercial or critical success, either. By the way, West wrote and produced the whole of College Dropout himself. Brooklyn's Talib Kweli started a late 90's indie hip-hop revolution with his introspective hip-hop rife with everything from politics to literary allusions to street life. He now finds himself on a grander stage opening for his former protége. Click to buy tickets ...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Carling Brixton Academy
15 November, 7.00 PM, UKP20

Love them or hate them, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are hard to ignore. Flamboyant songstress Karen O. prevents them from being just another fashionable New York garage punk band. Her vocals are a banshee wail that combines a Johnny Rotten-like sneer with schoolgirl squeals. The trio is still running strong the strength of their chaotic breakthrough full length, Fever to Tell. UK audiences can expect an indomitable thrashing bundle of energy that will not be toned down for audiences across the pond. Click to buy tickets ...

Zero 7, London Carling Apollo Hammersmith
Thu, 25th November 2004, Tickets UKP17.50 + fees
The Ulimate Quest for Chill
Fans that love to stand around and wave their arms are long awaiting the UK leg of Zero 7's small European tour this fall, so they can stand around, wave their arms, and pant-out the breathy Electronica that questionably qualifies as dance.

The 2004 release of Zero 7's sophomore effort, When It Falls, brings an assortment of acid jazz, funk and mellow soul to the ringing ears of many critics, who wonder why the album mirrors so similarly the low-throbbing, airy 2001 debut album, Simple Things. While many are looking for a pointed, quick-switching, high packaged sound, the sitting-on-the-beach-smoking-a-joint sounds of Zero 7 stem from the Honduran nightclub where they took their name. The music simply fits the fan base: their Glastonbury performance was coupled with a downpour and thousands of muddy admirers, yet they still managed to out-chill most every other performer and induce a good amount of standing and hand-waving. (Megan Retka)
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Groove Armada, Brixton Academy
9th and 11th December, Tickets UKP17.50-19.50
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The Doves
15th December, Tickets UKP19.50

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Our Pick

Mark Knopfler
Royal Albert Hall
31 May 2005 7.30 PM

While he is probably best known for his work with Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler has built a two-decade solo career of scoring movie soundtracks. Most notably among these are his first solo effort, Lost Heroes, as well as his takes on the Princess Bride and Wag the Dog. Nevertheless, he's managed to find time to release 4 proper solo works (the first of which wasn't until 1996, after the proper break up of Dire Straits), the most recent of which is Shangri-La. Expect Knopfler to draw from all eras of his career (no doubt including a couple cuts from the Dire Straits' mid-80s blockbuster, Brothers in Arms) for this one-night stand in a special venue. Click to buy tickets ...

Top Five Gigs
1. The Doves
2. Kayne West
3. The Delays
4. Mark Knopfler
5. Diana Krall
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Music: Classical and Dance

Andrea Bocelli, Wembley Arena
Sun, 7th November 2004, 7 p.m., Tickets: UKP85.00 + fees
Andrea Bocelli's concerts are always the classical music events of any year. Seven UK hit albums (three certified platinum) in five years have confirmed Andrea Bocelli as not just the British public's favourite classical artist, but simply one of the British public's best loved vocalists. This concert is a rare opportunity for British music lovers to experience the voice, in a programme that will feature the greatest Italian arias.
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The Nutcracker, ENB at The Coliseum

21 December - 8 January, The Coliseum

A great Christmas treat for all the family, English National Ballet's extraordinary production of The Nutcracker is a feast for the senses. Vibrant, eccentric and magical; designer Gerald Scarfe and choreographer Christopher Hampson have conjured up a colourful and bold Nutcracker, now in its third year. More info, tickets ...

Cinderella, Royal Opera House
Royal Ballet, 2 December - 14 January
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Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, Saddler's Wells
Lez Brotherston designs this award-winning ballet, courtesy of the creative mind of Michael Bourne. Beginning in 1995, Swan Lake is the longest-running ballet in the West End, and is sure to please crowds this Christmas.
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Top Tickets
The Nutcracker, ENB at The Coliseum
Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, Saddler's Wells
Andrea Bocelli, Wembley Arena
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