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17 July 2003, Issue 8

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Music: Classical and Dance

Pavarotti, Royal Albert Hall, London
New Tickets just released:
7th October 2003, 7.00 PM
The big man of opera returns to London to play the Royal Albert Hall for what could be the final time before his rumoured retirement.... click here for tickets

Top Tickets
1. Pavarotti, Royal Albert Hall, London

2. Four Seasons & Fireworks, Kenwood House
3. Classic FM Live: Opera in the Park, Kenwood House

Our Pick
Pavarotti, Royal Albert Hall, London


Music: Rock and Pop
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LondonNet Presents:
The Sheen, Live at The Telegraph, Brixton
Wednesday, 23 July 2003

Doors 5.30pm-2.30am. Expect The Sheen on stage at 9.00pm.
228 Brixton Hill, SW12 1HE
Tickets: UKP5 (Concessions UKP4)
Plus: Free 'The Sheen' CDs available on the night!
Download and bring flyer from:

As regular readers will know we're pretty keen on our music here at LondonNet. We're also firm believers that the best night out in town is spent enjoying live music played by people who are passionate about their tunes. So in what is hopefully the first of many, we're pleased to present our promotion of The Sheen's first headline gig at Brixton's The Telegraph. This is a prime venue on London's indie circuit and marks a big step up for one of our longtime favourite breaking bands.

The Sheen say they are "a five piece rock n roll band with a sound that has been described as an audio docudrama." Confused? Think Pulp meets Radiohead for a riff-strewn bender and you'll get the idea. So get on down to The Telegraph next Wednesday and we'll see you there...

To get a better feel for the upcoming gig I spoke to lead singer Naz:
PDC - How does it feel to be headlining your first gig at The Telegraph?
Naz - It's good to be at the top of the bill in a well known venue, I
feel we have put the work in with the gigs that we have done this year
and we are pleased to be playing at bigger and better venues
PDC - So what can we expect from The Sheen live?
Naz - You can expect to see a band with strong songs and attitude,
we always give 100 per cent - expect to be humming a few new tunes on the way
home too!
PDC - With so many cool places to play across town, does Brixton still
have that extra edge?
Naz - Yeah, I think so, it's always been a place for underground music
and the place to see up and coming talent, with a bit less of the "lets
go cos its trendy" feeling
PDC - From the off you've been a web savvy band sending e-flyers to your
fan-base and offering free downloads from the site. Is this the way
forward for Indie bands everywhere?
Naz - Definitely, the web is a tool that needs to be used, people who
are really into new bands can get all the info they need about new acts.
You can dig around on the net and come up with a gem and give them your
support by going to see them, rather than being told whats cool by the
PDC - And what's the deal with the free CD giveaway at The Telegraph gig?
Naz - Ah well, we appreciate the people who are coming to see us
and want as many people to hear our music as possible, it's a special
promotion to celebrate it being Wednesday!
Peter D. Clee ([email protected])
More info on The Sheen: http://www.thesheen.net

Justin Timberlake
More London shows now onsale
After performing the most Robbiesque transformation since, well, since Robbie himself, it looks like Justin's well on his way to surpassing Mr Williams even on the superstar stakes (if his frequent appearances in the celeb gossip rags are anything to go by). Now completely shorn of his boy band Britney botherer image, Justin has carved out his own particularly funky (and not to mention sexy) solo niche with singles 'Cry Me a River', the Grammy nominated 'Like I love You' and 'Rock Your Body', all from his highly listenable and boogie-worthy album 'Justified'. His Spring shows were the hottest ticket around, and these new December shows promise to be the perfect way to warm your cockles, ahem, on a cold winter nights. click here for tickets

London, 5-8 Dec, 9-11 Jan
see also:
Manchester, 10-12 Dec
Sheffield, 14 Dec

Top Five Gigs
1) Justin Timberlake, London

2) Zero 7
3) Hot Hot Heat, London

4) Sham 69, London
5) UB40, London
(Based on LondonNet sales in last 7 days)
Sham 69, London
Out Tomorow
Feeder - Booking link available Friday 18 July

Our Pick
UB40, London

Click Here for full list of upcoming gigs


Music: Jazz, Blues, Country

Diana Krall, Kenwood House
There are some unspoken rules in the jazz world that say acoustic-oriented jazz musicians are not supposed to have platinum and gold albums, Grammy Awards or sell out large auditoriums night after night. For the past ten years, Diana Krall, Canadian singer/acoustic pianist, has been breaking these rules and proving that a jazz musician can enjoy mass appeal without sacrificing her jazz foundation. The evening will conclude with a spectacular fireworks display.
click here for tickets and info

Top Sellers
1) Diana Krall
2) Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra
3) Sinatra Under the Stars
(Based on LondonNet sales in last 7 days)
Our Picks
Diana Krall, Kenwood House


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