Friday, November 14, 2008

Daisy Lowe Enjoys Catwalk Company, Shuns Photography

Catwalk Model. Photo Credit: wili_hybrid. C.C. License.A scene from the RE: Fashion Awards at Shoreditch Town Hall last night...

Event Planner Sarah: Who's walking down the catwalk with Daisy Lowe?
Jill: Her boyfriend (Will Cameron). I miss Mark Ronson.
EPS: Do you think she moaned to the organisers and said she'd quit unless they let her bring her man?
J: I don't know. But Pixie Geldof looked pretty intense, so maybe she threatened to stomp on them for her.

*Disclaimer: To avoid the risk of 'getting our a**es beaten', as it was so delicately promised, we have no actual pictures of the happy couple.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Re: Viv, Zandra, Todd and Jonathan

Netta Laor for Juste. Photo Credit: Juste for RE:Fashion Awards. All Rights Reserved.Ethical fashion just got much more high-profile. The RE:Fashion Awards will feature top models wearing looks by designers including Vivienne Westwood, Zandra Rhodes, Todd Lynn and Jonathan Saunders.

The awards ceremony is set for 13 November at Shoreditch Townhall, and you can still buy tickets to see Daisy Lowe, Portia Freeman and Pixie Geldof strut the runway. Budding designers set out to change the world one eco-friendly shift dress at a time should be pleased to see Daily Telegraph fashion director Hilary Alexander in the audience.

All the profits from the RE:Fashion event will go to the Ethical Fashion Forum, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of garment workers and making the clothing industry sustainable. Entry prices start at £37.50, but expect to pay more to sit up close to Portia and Pixie.

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