Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Erin O'Connor Still Gawks at Boy Bands

Take That. Photo Credit: Lola's Big Adventure!. C.C. License.Erin O'Connor works with Twiggy and Lily Cole, no problem. But when it comes to male costars, she gets nervous. Or so it would seem according to her Vogue blog post about the holiday M&S advert she filmed with Take That.

Erin confesses gawking when she went to the boy band's concert at age 15 (grounding was later involved), but the group had a similar stupefying effect on her a decade and a half later.

She confesses her intimidation online...
"Aside from many other varied attacks of the shys, I:
a) Kept slipping into a pseudo-Northern drawl (even though I'm from Birmingham);
b) Desperately tried not to sing one of their tunes aloud;
c) Tried not to stare intently at them without having anything to say for myself."

Wonder what she'd say if Robbie Williams and his UFO hunters starred in her next commercial.

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