Friday, November 14, 2008

Daisy Lowe Enjoys Catwalk Company, Shuns Photography

Catwalk Model. Photo Credit: wili_hybrid. C.C. License.A scene from the RE: Fashion Awards at Shoreditch Town Hall last night...

Event Planner Sarah: Who's walking down the catwalk with Daisy Lowe?
Jill: Her boyfriend (Will Cameron). I miss Mark Ronson.
EPS: Do you think she moaned to the organisers and said she'd quit unless they let her bring her man?
J: I don't know. But Pixie Geldof looked pretty intense, so maybe she threatened to stomp on them for her.

*Disclaimer: To avoid the risk of 'getting our a**es beaten', as it was so delicately promised, we have no actual pictures of the happy couple.

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