Prince Harry

The 23 year old royal has been fighting the Taliban for the past 10 weeks in Helmand, Afghanistan it has now been revealed. An unprecedented UK news blackout on the subject - to protect Harry and his troops - has been lifted following prejudicial leaks in the media of our allies; first Australian, then German and finally US. Remind anyone of the WW2 mantra 'loose talk can cost lives'? Comment

Submitted by Peter on Thu, 2008-02-28 21:33.

We're proud of our freedom of the press in the UK. Few, if any, countries boast such liberty of expression. But with rights comes responsibility. What the British press - including LondonNet - has shown here is knowing restraint.

This has not been an attempt to hoodwink the public; rather that general awareness of the Prince's deployment could endanger both the royal himself and more importantly his fellow troopers. Injury or death to either, directly resulting from his posting, would have gifted a major propaganda victory to the Taliban.

That the news of his secondment has surfaced from the annals of our allies is surely a cause for concern. First Australian, then German (whose troops live in a marshmallow world of non-confrontation in the troubled region) and finally a US media outlet - none of which are worthy of mention here - chose to chase the self-serving scoop rather than advance the cause of the mission in Afghanistan is a matter of grave concern.

Our media were not kept in the dark here. Many of us had 'the scoop' too. We knew Harry was posted, but a remarkable yet responsible coalition of media in this country chose to put the welfare of the Prince and his forces first. Indeed a collection of pooled interviews and video was already in the can, awaiting the Prince's safe return.

This was no cover-up, no conspiracy. Just plain common sense.

Shame on our so-called ‘allies’ for exposing our fellow countrymen to even more hazard than they already face each and every day.