Alistair Darling

The Chancellor is expected to lop 2.5 per cent off VAT today, taking it down to 15 per cent from 17.5. The idea is this will have us all spending more and lessen the effects of the recession.

Train Fares

What do you know? They're going up again in the New Year, by an average of 6 per cent on lines into London, with some fares to rocket by 11 per cent.

Denzil Gunner

The solicitor from Notting Hill is the new world mince pie eating champion after necking 41 pies in ten minutes. Gunner's cunning strategy? 'I just kept on eating until they said stop,' he said.

Adam Pervoe

The man who opened Amy Winehouse's beloved Hawley Arms pub in Camden has a new bar in Islington. Done up like an LA-style dive bar, Slim Jim's Liquor store launches 26 November.

Ugg Boots

The big winners at the new Westfield mega-mall, which hosts Ugg's first UK shop. Over 100,000 people have now been through its doors.

Reg Varney

A legend of 1970s TV, as Stan Butler in On the Buses, the east London born and bred comedian has died, aged 92.

Femi Kuti

Just one of the big-name performers at the London Jazz Festival, which starts Friday 14. Femi's on this Sunday; the festival goes on until next weekend and some of it's for free.

Frazier Campbell

Scored two goals, his first for Tottenham, as the north London side eased past Liverpool 4-2 to reach the Carling Cup quarter finals.

Ken Livingstone

The ex-mayor has launched Progressive London, a group of non-Tories out to keep their beady, lefty eyes on Boris Johnson.

Henry Allingham

The oldest, at 112, of three surviving veterans from World War 1 at the Cenotaph today for the annual remembrance service. Harry Patch, 110, and Bill Stone, 108, are the other two there.

Robin Williams

Did a turn at a student comedy club on the weekend at the London School of Economics to rehearse material for Prince Charles' 60th birthday party on Wednesday.

The Lord Mayor's Show

From Mansion House at 11am on Saturday to the Strand via St Paul's Cathedral, the 793rd annual parade of spectacular floats is expected to be watched by hundreds of thousands and, from 5pm, there's a massive firework display over the river between Blackfriars and Waterloo Bridges.

Tarique Ghaffur

The Assistant Commissioner of the Met is set to land a £300k payout, after first claiming £1.2M for claimed racist treatment by his bosses. The Met deny racism, but want the slate wiped clean in time for the appointment of its new chief.


Banned from fostering children by Redbridge council on the very day Guy Fawkes will go up in smoke at bonfires across the country.

Richard Dreyfuss

He'll star at the Old Vic from 7 January 2009 in a new play called Complicit. Last time Dreyfuss was on the West End stage, five years ago, he was sacked from The Producers.