Brave Plaistow Shop Assistant

CCTV captures the moment an east London shop assistant tried to grab a robber's shotgun. Now a reward of £20,000 has been offered for info on the robber and his accomplice, one of whom shot the shop's owner in the chest.

David Bowie

Became the oldest winner of a BRIT award when, aged 67, he claimed the Best British Male prize for the album The Next Day at the O2 last night, 30 years since his last victory. His gong was collected for him by Kate Moss, who read out a message that included a "stay with us" plea to independence-minded Scots.


The pint-sized tunesmith, 55, is reportedly dating singer Delilah, 22, from Hackney. 'It's little wonder Prince is so smitten with her,' a source told The Mirror. 'They have always been close but things have moved on recently.'

Wolfie Smith

A beer named after the 1970s revolutionary socialist from Tooting has been told to stop using the name after Robert Lindsay, the actor who played the fictional firebrand, raised objections to the use of his image. 'We might put a red star over his face,' said the ale's brewer.

The Seven Foot Tall Hedgehog

The giant spiky beast has been spotted by passers-by on Clapham Common. Don't worry, it's only a (very life-like) model, installed to publicise Sir David Attenborough's new TV series, Natural Curiosities. 'How do hedgehog's mate?,' asks the legendary presenter. 'Very carefully!'

Top Shop

As part of London Fashion Week, which started today (14.02.14), on the 16,17 and 18 of February, the store's flagship Oxford St branch is to feature a live beam back in virtual reality 3D of its Tate Modern-based catwalk show.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Wolf of Wall Street star is in town for this weekend's BAFTA awards, where he'll be joined by the likes of Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Bullock and Prince William. The ceremony is broadcast on Sunday night.

George Clooney

'I'm not out of my mind,' he hits back, after the UK government says, being American, he doesn't understand the Elgin Marbles, bits of the Parthenon which Clooney believes should be returned to Greece from the British Museum.

The Million Pound Living Room

Reckoned to be the smallest flat worth £1M, this Mayfair one-bed near The Ritz is about the size of a normal living room. 'A few years ago you could find a property like this for £250,000,' said estate agent Peter Wetherell.


The Changed The Way You Kissed Me star has been handed his own show by Capital Radio. 'I can't wait to get stuck in,' he said. Example's Saturday night stint starts this coming Saturday (15.02.14) at 7pm.

Cara Delevingne

Set to team up with Michelle Rodriguez to star in a remake of Thelma and Louise, the famous buddy/road movie. Rivals for Cara's spot in the new version include Kristen Stewart.

Liz Hurley

Forced to deny she had a year-long affair with former US President Bill Clinton. Hurley called the story 'totally untrue'. The source of the rumour says Clinton chatted her up with the words, 'Elizabeth, this is your Commander-in-Chief'.


Played a secret show at Camden's Electric Ballroom at midnight last night. The 'open soundcheck' came ahead of tonight's full show, at the same venue, which will be 'a lot funkier', promised the pint-sized singer.

Mushroom Rustlers

15 people are in court today charged with the illegal picking of mushrooms in Epping Forest. The official offence of 'foraging' sounds ancient, but in this case was brought in in 1979.

The No-Cash London Bus

From this summer, we won't be able to use cash to pay bus fares. Thanks to the all-conquering Oyster Card, already fewer than 1% of fares are paid in proper money and Transport for London say they'll save £130 million a year by waving goodbye to pounds and pence.