The Bill

The long-running police drama filmed its last ever scenes yesterday, at its south London set. 'It's been a highly emotional day for all cast and crew,' said Executive Producer Johnathan Young.

Rob Green

The signs are that the under-fire West Ham keeper will keep his place in England's World Cup side. 'Goalkeepers make mistakes,' said team boss Fabio Capello. 'You have to accpet that.'

London Pride

Probably our city's most famous beer has seen sales rise so far this year, despite the bleak economy. Sales were 'solid', said Pride brewers Fullers. We prefer the liquid version, it has to be said.

David Mellor

The Classic FM DJ and Tory ex-Minister, told a chef to 'f**k off' and called him a 'fat b***tard', in a dispute about noise at the River Lounge, which is next to Mellor's house near Tower Bridge. Both parties are in court over a licence row.

Chris Brown

The singer has been refused entry into the UK, on the basis of his violence against Rihanna. 'Public safety is one of our primary concerns,' said the Home Office. Brown was due to play the Hammersmith Apollo this Sunday, 13 June.

Harry Potter

Mayor Boris Johnson wants the wizard's theme park in London, not Florida as planned. 'Harry Potter is not American. He is British,' said Johnson. 'Where is Diagon Alley, where they buy wands and stuff? It is in London. The train for Hogwarts goes from King's Cross, not Grand Central Station'.

Tube Strike

Maintenance workers on London Underground have voted 9 to 1 in favour of strike action on a date as yet unknown, showing their 'determination to stand up and be counted when it comes to defending jobs, pay and working conditions,' said Bob Crowe, the RMT union leader.


Beg your pardon, the 2012 London Olympic site now has no stomach for the once planned wind turbine. But fear not moving-air fans: organisers aim to use a biomass gasification unit instead.

Lily Allen

Rumoured to be writing the music for the stage production of Bridget Jones Diary. Apparently, she's already penned one song, 11 more to go.

Winston Churchill

Fearless in the face of the Nazi menace, but scared of women, according to a letter which forms part of a big collection of Winnie memorabilia up for sale at Christie's today. In the note, Churchill pleads with organisers of a meeting to check cupboards for dastardly suffragettes.

Princess Diana

Top lawyer Michael Mansfield QC says the late princess was killed because 'she was going to expose the people most closely involved in the British arms trade', specifically the trade in land mines. Her death was 'no mere accident' adds Mansfield.

American James Bond

Britain's top secret agent gets a US author for his next outing. The Bone Collector author Jeffery Deaver has been chosen for the job. Deaver said: 'I was about eight or nine when I picked up my first Bond.' That was at the height of the Cold War, the age of Sputnik and about when Dr. No was published.

Ashley Cole

Set for a £25M switch from Chelsea to Real Madrid in a bid to escape the backlash from his upcoming divorce from Cheryl.

Oona King Knife Crime Slayer

The London Mayor hopeful pledges to beat knife crime. If people 'show an interest in kids' and 'instil aspiration in them', it'll be job done, she reckons. Not sure Batman and co. will be too worried about their rankings in the superhero league table.

Brian Haw

Ahead of today's Queen's Speech, the veteran anti-war campaigner was this morning 'carried off by four officers,' from his tented spot outside the House of Commons, said a witness. The high profile arrest cuts against promises by the new Coalition government that it would protect the right to protest.