Princess Diana's Hair

Used to make jam - apparently it tastes like condensed milk - as part of a surrealist art show at the Barbican.

Russell Brand

Banned by fiancee Katy Perry from living in London. 'I'm clinging to California,' she said, citing her sun-driven serotonin levels as the reason for her thumbs down for our city.

Elizabeth Taylor

A portrait by Andy Warhol of the woman known, in the mid-20th century, as the most beautiful in the world fetched £6.7M at Christie's in St James, London yesterday.

Soho Twitters

They're the number one in London, according to a new Twitter-o-Meter, which maps Twitter traffic across town. Outside the West End, areas like Battersea, Hackney and Peckham score highly.

Harry Redknapp or Roy Hodgson

The Tottenham boss wants to succeed Fabio Capello. 'Who wouldn't want to manage England?' he said. The answer to that might be Redknapp's main rival Hodgson, as he's also being chased by Liverpool and that's possibly the reason Harry posed the question, show-your-hand style.

Wimbledon Ticket Touts

Prices can reach as high as £20k each, especially if Andy Murray does well. Police move touts on, but they are not illegal. As one told the BBC: 'I'm not a criminal or a paedophile - I just do tickets at Wimbledon'.

Dr Who's Tardis

Sold for £10,000 at a Bonham's auction. Bargain compared to a trip on Richard Branson's planned tourist space flghts at £100,000. Or, if you fancy a Space Shuttle, that'd be £1 billion.

Amy Winehouse

It's bye-bye Blake Fielder-Civil as the Rehab singer invites new man Reg Traviss to move into her Camden house. 'Amy and Reg are totally loved up,' said a source. 'She doesn't want to live there on her own'.


The famous Knightsbridge store is to offer its staff BA degrees in the 'art of selling' featuring human behaviour, psychology and how to make people buy more than a green plastic bag.

The Bishop of Croydon

The Rt Rev Nick Baines has written a prayer for England ahead of the World Cup game with Slovenia tomorrow. 'God, who played the cosmos into being,' it kicks off, before begging the Creator to 'help England rediscover legs, eyes and hunger'. Amen to that.

Nicolas Anelka

Back in London today after being expelled from the French team at the World Cup for having a go at the coach. On the bright side, Anelka has drawn support from Chelsea team mates John Terry and Didier Drogba.

Nicolas Sarkozy

In town for the 70th anniversary of General De Gaulle's broadcast from London that announced 'the flame of French resistance must not and will not be extinguished', in response to Nazi occupation.


The Witch of the West and her pals from Oz have now taken over £100M at the box office and been seen by nearly 3M people at more than 1,500 shows. 'We are particularly proud to have achieved this incredible success during a period of such global financial uncertainty,' said Wicked producer Michael McCabe.

Dappy out of N-Dubz

Keepin' it real - the north London rapper still gets stopped and searched by police and still gives them false info. 'Up to this day, we give the wrong name and address,' he said.

The Bill

The long-running police drama filmed its last ever scenes yesterday, at its south London set. 'It's been a highly emotional day for all cast and crew,' said Executive Producer Johnathan Young.