George Michael

Sentenced to eight weeks in prison for driving under the influence of drugs, cannabis in this case. The former Wham! singer admitted he had "spaced out" in his Range Rover in Hampstead.

George Michael

In court today for sentencing over his drug-driving case. The judge has already hinted that the former Wham! singer could do jail time.

Kylie Minogue

Has bought a £5M house on the same South Kensington street, Drayton Gardens, on which she's selling her £4M flat. 'Kylie has spoken about wanting to start a family,' said a source.

Boris Johnson

New model headbanger BJ is to run for London Mayor in 2012. He said he wants to 'knock speculation on the head' about his intentions and that he has 'more chance of being decapitated by a frisbee' than becoming Prime Minister. Ouch to both.

London's Moby Dick

The remains of a 17m long, late 18th century whale have been found on the banks of the Thames at Greenwich. Valued for their oil and bones, whales were once big business in London. In 2010 money, this one would have been worth £400,000.

Oona King

Good news for the London Mayor hopeful: she came out top of a poll yesterday, ahead of both Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson. Bad news is the survey for People with Voices had a sample of just 15. 'She's had more changes of policy than that,' said a Ken supporter.

Keira Knightley

Now a resident of the US, according to newly released official documents. The Pirates actress recently bought a Docklands houseboat, then said she was tired of London and next bought a place in France. Wins our Ants in the Pants of the week award.

Carla Weatherley

The wife of Tory MP Mike works as a £70 a time prostitute in south London, it has emerged. Wayne Rooney could have saved himself thousands if only he'd been interested in politics.

Katy Perry

Because she 'loves London' the Teenage Dream singer aims to apply for British citizenship. Behind the welcome flattery, Perry has an ulterior motive. 'Then I can just pass through customs real quick,' she says.

Crayfish v. Crayfish

Red swamp crayfish from America are on the attack against true-born white-clawed crayfish in Regent's Canal. The authorities are tackling the invader with the best weapon they have - research, to 'improve our understanding of how different species of crayfish will interact,' said Laura Cross of King's College London.

Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty

She's asked him to move into her Camden home. 'Pals are worried,' said a source. Not half as worried as they will be when George Michael shows up after rehab.

Lily Allen

Declares herself 'heartbroken' at the Pakistan cricket betting scandal. 'If these allegations are true this is terribly disappointing,' Allen told her Twitter followers. 'It's the kids I feel sorry for.'

British Airways

Forced to apologise after an automated announcement on a flight from Heathrow to Hong Kong advised passengers: "This is an emergency. We may shortly need to make an emergency landing on water." Cabin crew immediately re-assured them that the message was false said the airline.

Asil Nadir

Who has returned to London from Cyprus to face a series of fraud charges related to the collapse of his Polly Peck business empire in the 1990s

Baby Cameron

PM David Cameron and his wife Samantha have announced the birth of their baby girl. Weighing in at 6lb, 1oz, infant and mother are doing well. They join the Blairs in the very rare club of Prime Ministerial families who have had babies while serving in Downing Street.