Will and Kate

Their wedding is to be held on 29 April, complete with a Bank Holiday. With the traditional Mayday Bank Holiday the following Monday, we'll get a right-royal four-day weekend.

Battersea Dogs Home

Celebrates its 150th anniversary this week. They say its given shelter to 3.5 million cats and dogs in that time.

French London Lovers

London came top of a survey of European capitals conducted by French tourist experts, well ahead of second placed Paris. This in the same week French Radio London launched to cater for the 400,000 French speakers in town.

Kate Moss

Best dressed woman of the decade, according to Vogue. 'No one has had more influence on the way young women have dressed,' said the magazine's Alexandra Kotur. Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker also made the list.

Laurence Graff

Paid £29M for a diamond at a Sotheby's auction yesterday, a world record. He now gets to call the stone the Graff Pink, which obviously makes it all worthwhile.

Justin Bieber

'UK we r coming!!' reads the message from the 16 year-old star on his Twitter page. He's to play the O2 on 14 and 16 March next year. Tickets go on sale this Friday, 19 November.

M4 Bus Lane

Work starts today to remove the lane between Heathrow and Brentford that car drivers love to hate. It should be open to all traffic by the end of this week.

M4 Bus Lane

Work starts today on the lane between Heathrow and Brentford that car drivers love to hate. It should be open to all traffic by the end of this week.

Chinese Vase

Found in an attic clear-out in Pinner, north west London, an 18th century Qing Dynasty piece of porcelain fetched £43M at auction. 'They had no idea what they had,' said the auctioneer of the lucky sellers.

Gordon Ramsay

As well as handing the sack to his father-in-law, it has now been revealed that the celebrity chef cooked up similar treatment for his brother-in-law and nephew. 'Why does he want to cut the whole family off?' asked a sister-in-law.

Harrods Advent Calendar

Surprises behind the doors of the 1.75m high calendar for the super-rich include gold sunglasses, a designer kitchen and a speedboat. Sounds a bit like the prize board in Bullseye, but it's yours for only £620,000 ($1M). Act quick, they've only made five.

The Queen

Her Majesty's new Facebook page was flooded with republican messages after its launch yesterday. If the posters are to be believed, the Queen is an 'inbred' 'scrounger' and a 'parasite' to boot.

Lady GaGa

Eight versions of GaGa are being made in London by Madame Tussauds for the waxworks' franchises around the world, all to be unveiled next month. 'She is the perfect subject for the biggest figure launch in Madame Tussauds' history,' said a spokesperson.

Guy Fawkes

The old guy will be the only one not bothered that London's firefighters have called off their strike. Despite plenty of warning, they never seem to save Fawkes' effigy from any bonfires.


Says she's moving to London soon, but before that the Only Girl (In The World) singer is to turn on the Christmas lights at 6.30 this evening at Westfield shopping centre.