Captain America

Despite his name, the star-spangled crime fighter can't resist the lure of London - Marvel are to make the film version of the comic strip here for a 2011 release date.

Pensioner Playground

London's first outdoor fitness area for over 60s opens today in Hyde Park. 'With the Albert Memorial in the background you would be hard pushed to find a better view from any gym in London,' said Mark Camley, of The Royal Parks.

House of Commons Mark I

AKA Chapter House, is now home to dozens of new stone heads. Not the Con-Dem cabinet, but part of CH's £3M restoration. A section of Westminster Abbey, it served as England's political HQ in the 13th century. The heads are portraits of the masons and architects involved in the revamp.

Jimi Hendrix

The place the legendary guitarist called 'my first real home', in Brook Street, is to be opened up for visitors for a few months from 25 August. It was also the London address of 18th century composer Handel, who has a permanent museum in his honour there.

Chris Evans

The Radio 2 DJ celebrated grabbing Britain's biggest ever audience by buying Britain's most expensive Ferrari, a snip at £12M.


Swim in Paris, cycle in Brussels and run in London in a one-off event in the build-up to the 2012 Olympics. Open to all, but you have to be able to swim the 1500m in 45 minutes, cover 40km on a bike in 1hr 40 mins and run 10k in 1hr 10 mins.

Gordon Brown

There's no truth in the rumour that on the way out of Buckingham Palace after handing in his resignation to the Queen, he said: "She was just a bigoted sort of woman".

KFC Cockroach

The fast food chain was fined £11,000 for lack of hygene after cockroaches were found at its flagship Leicester Square branch. Since the discovery, KFC have revamped the restaurant.

Nigella Lawson

One of the ball-bouncing celebs booked to play open air table tennis at one of 100 free venues across the capital in July as part of Ping London, an Olympic build-up event.

Lady Gaga's Missing Knickers

Upmarket underwear people Rigby and Peller of London say four pieces of lingerie it lent the singer have not been returned. 'We have nothing to say on the matter,' said a Gaga spokesperson.

Harry Redknapp

Leads Tottenham into next season's Champions League after last night's win. With Chelsea and Arsenal already qualified, we reckon it's the first time one city has had three entrants to Europe's top competition.

Simon Cowell

Gives his backing to the Tories today on the basis of his "gut" instinct that David Cameron has the "stomach" for the top job. But if tummies be our guide, Gordon Brown has the bigger belly: FACT.

Professor Green

The I Need You Tonight performer and sometime Lily Allen support act is the latest confirmed for the L.E.D. Festival at Victoria Park on the August Bank Holiday. Get your tickets here.

Top of the Pops

Evocative photos from the show's early years - 1964-73 - go on show at the Victoria and Albert Museum from Friday 30 April. The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix are all there in an exhibition that ends 24 October.

Jennifer 'Fartypants' Lopez

On Leicester Square last night for the premiere of The Back-Up Plan, a film in which her character gets pregnant. 'This is what happens when you get pregnant: you get gas!' she said before blowing off into the cinema.