Key quotes from the NATO bombing in Yugoslavia. Part of LondonNet's feature on the Kosovo problem


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NATO Attacks Serbia:
Key Quotes

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Little boys with big toys:

"We have a duty to see justice is done"
British Prime Minister, Tony Blair

"We shall never give away Kosovo"
Yugoslav President, Slobodan Milosevic

"This is Kosovo"
US President Bill Clinton pointing to a map of Europe in broadcast to the nation

Slobodan Milosevic

Murdering Monster or Serbian Saviour?


Revenge is sweet:

"The MUP (police) building in the centre of town was completely destroyed by NATO jets. I watched it burning from the window. Now only ashes remain. At least something of 'theirs' has been destroyed. The big mushroom that lit the night sky looked so beautiful. At last there was something good in all this tragedy".
Anonymous Kosovar as quoted on 'War and Peace Reporting'

The mother of all Parliaments:

"Many British servicemen regard the KLA as a bunch of thugs deeply involved in the drugs trade who are also operating various refugee operations into this country"
Former Defence Minister Alan Clark, now Tory MP for Kensington

"We are witnessing a war to control the Balkans"
"I am bitterly opposed to Milosevic because faced with a political problem he used force - which is exactly the same reason that I am against the Government's action".
Veteran left-winger Tony Benn, MP

"In virtually every country which has been blitzed this century the reaction has been to steel the resolve of the civilian population. This is what happened in London in the Second World War and in Clydebank. Why should we believe that there will not be the same reaction in Serbia."
Scottish National Party Leader Alex Salmond, MP

Press pack:

"We have started a war that we are not prepared to finish. And far from bringing peace to Europe, my bet is that it will bring screaming chaos."
Columnist Tony Parsons writing in The Mirror newspaper

"This latest folly has the added danger of stirring the great Russian bear. Sooner or later this injured, yet still powerful, beast may intervene to protect the interests of its fellow Slavs. At this point Bill and Tony's foreign policy of 'if you don't do as we say, we'll bomb the hell out of you' comes a cropper."
From our own leader column: LondonNet Comment

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