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Judgement delivered on WWW

In what is believed to be a legal first, Judge Zobel announced that his judgement will be delivered live on the net before being distributed by conventional means. The judge believes this is the fairest way to get the information out as quickly as possible.

Judge influenced by son

Judge Zobel is said to have been persuaded by his son to put his findings on the web. Bearing in mind the huge public interest in the case and the likely clamour by the world's press for the result, the web offers an efficient dispersal method for the information. Problem is the site used is likely to be overloaded within seconds.

Read the result on LondonNet

LondonNet will bring you news of Judge Zobels rulings as soon as they are announced.

The judgement will be published on lawyersweekly.com. There may be mirror sites available too, we will keep you updated.

Louise Judge: "No Decision Until Monday"

JUDGE Hiller Zobel has told the press that they should not expect a decision before Monday 10 November.

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Louise Appeal

The likely defence submissions on 4 November 1997 could include the following matters which may have prejudiced her trial...(Click for Grounds of Appeal details)

Louise Woodward Campaign:
with contact details

DONATIONS to the "The Woodward Appeal" have kept on growing. For details of you can help click here. Letters of support for Louise and her family can be sent to (Click here for details)

Guilty or Not Guilty?

Have your say...email us
"there are reasonable doubts..."
"In my heart and in my experience, I think she is guilty..."
95% say not guilty | 5% say guilty
Click here to read a selection of your letters so far

NB We have been inundated with letters from around the world, we will read every one and publish a selection of your views on these pages


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