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Guilty or Not Guilty?

Do you think Louise Woodward did it? Has she had a fair trial?

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Guilty as charged? These people reckon so...


Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 14:32:41 -0800

From: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>


I think she did "something" violent in a fit of pique, without intending to hurt the baby. I think she should have admitted that she got very upset and did something.

I also think that her defence is at fault for REFUSING to include the lesser charge of "manslaughter" and forcing the jury to find her guilty or acquit her. There is some talk that the _real_ reason the defence talked her into it was because the Au Pair agency, which paid the bills for the defence, could be found liable for neglegence IF Louise had been found guilty of manlaughter.


Subject: Justice has prevailed

Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 12:21:32 -0800

Louise may not have intended to kill the child but she definitely abused the child to the extent that it resulted in death. Justice has prevailed in this instance and I am very thankful for a jury smart enough to discern the truth from hocus pocus defense tactics. If Louise had shown half the emotion over Matty's death that she showed over her own conviction she may have garnered a little more sympathy from myself and from her jury. But she feels no remorse and never intends to accept responsibility for what she has done. She is now where she should be......thinking it over in a cell designed to separate those who can get along in society from those who cannot.

sherry mc donald

From: [email protected]>

Subject: louisewoodward

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 14:19:38 -0000


LondonNet Comment: We guess that's a guilty vote then?

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 21:02:42 -0800

From: [email protected]

Subject: Re; Gerry & Maureen Whelan's comments.

While I can truly understand that the majority of the people in Great Britan want to believe that Louise is completely innocent of little Mathew's death, however, we all have to be objective, no matter what race, nationality, etc. Watching the trial, particularly Louise's testimony, I had a great many concerns.

1) Matthew Eappan appeared to be healthy in every way up until Feb.4th.
2) Louise clearly felt that her "job" interfered with her social life.
3) When asked "How many evenings did you stay home during your first month of employment?" She replied that she was unable to recall -she was asked ; 1 day? 5 days? 30 days? REALLY!!!!
4) After the paramedics left the house, she watched a video with the other child! If any type of accident occurred while a child was in my care, I would be totally distraught, whether Ithought it was my fault or not. She is way too cool for me.
5) She had a disciplinary meeting less than a week prior, yet continued to break all agreements between herself and the Eappans.
6) This was not an individual that "loved children" as her defense lawyer stated in his closing arguments; she would hear this little child crying in the morning, yet refuse to leave her room to accomodate him or these two working people. The Eappans certainly seemed to accomodate her in terms of her vegetarianism, paying her tuition for acting classes, transit pass, etc.

I am quite convinced that she committed this terrible act, albeit not premeditated, however, I do not think that if I were a juror, I could convict her to life in prison, based on the tangible evidence. Although, in my heart and in my experience, I think she is guilty. But, as the prosecutor said " there are only 2 people who really know what happened that day.....". Mathew can't tell us and the only other person is going for an Academy Award. I hope she wins, because she really deserves it.

Maureen Russell

LondonNet comments: As you seem to be aware Maureen if you don't believe the act was premeditated, you must find her not guilty of murder in the first and second degree.

Not Guilty

These people have a reasonable doubt and they want to tell you about it!

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