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Louise Woodward Campaign

Contact details

LOUISE Woodward has been found guilty of murder in the second degree. She was sentenced to the mandatory life sentence.Woodward, 19, from Cheshire stood accused of the murder of eight month old Matthew Eappen.

The campaign to free her was initially directed from a pub in Louise's home village of Elton. Letters of support for Louise and her family can now be sent to the following address:

Louise's campaign address

The Louise Campaign for Justice
Elton, Cheshire
CH2 4LXUK, Europe

LondonNet understands that donations for Louise's fighting fund are also being accepted at the same address. Cheques should be made payable to "The Woodward Appeal".

So far over a hundred thousand pounds has been denoted by well-wishers from across the world.

Louise's address in prison

Ms. Louise Woodward
99 Loring Drive
P.O. Box 9007
Framingham, MA 01701
Phone (617) 727-5056

(Thanks to Eric <[email protected]>, New Mexico, Sun, 02 Nov 1997)

Louise's email address

[email protected]

How you can help...

(1) Write to Louise's campaign (see above address)

(2) If you are in the USA write to your elected representatives. If you are in the UK write to your MP. For people outside the USA we also suggest writing to your nearest American Embassy (Grosvener Square, London, W1 in UK)

(3) Participate in as many Internet, TV and Radio discussions as you can, building up a momentum to free Louise

We have been inundated with letters from around the world, almost all supporting Louise, we will read every one and publish a selection of your views on these pages

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