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~ The Princess Diana Memorial Page ~

Princess Diana

1961 ~ 1997

Diana, Princess of Wales, her companion Dodi Al Fayed and their driver were killed in the early hours of Sunday, 31 August 1997. The People's Princess was 36 and leaves behind two young Princes, William and Harry.

Below we list the messages received by LondonNet since The Princess's tragic death:

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Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 11:53:49 -0400

From: "George T. Mullen" <[email protected]>

CC: [email protected]

Subject: Queen Of Hearts

Can't express in words our deep feeling of sorrow at this tragedy. She

will be missed all over the world for her warmth, caring, and loving

attitude she so graciously expressed to all in need. Our prayers go

forth for William and Harry at the loss of their Mother, and to all of

the other families involved.


George & Jessica Mullen

Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 11:56:06 -0400 (EDT)

Message-ID: <[email protected]>

Subject: Diana

I, too, am having difficulty adjusting to the fact that this most gracious

and loving of women is no longer with us. I have followed her life from the

time that she was first introduced to the public, and I hope to leave a

lasting testimony to the love for ALL of humanity that she displayed, by

following the example she left for us. May the God of ALL nations and

peoples grant us the peace and comfort we so desperately need as we struggle

to say "Goodbye" to our Diana. The actions and works of this truly noble and

royal woman are her legacy. May we all continue on in her quest for world

peace and an end to suffering. May we gladly embrace her causes, and learn

from her. Diana, may your soul at last know the rest and peace that this

world would not allow you! We love you, and we will miss you, but you will

never be far from us as we keep you in our heart of hearts!

Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 11:43:01 -0400

From: David Trimble <[email protected]>

Subject: Mourning Diana's death


I am a U.S. citizen from Georgetown, KY; I recently visited the U.K.,

and very much loved the country and the people. I thus feel so much

more profoundly the loss of Princess Diana, who in my mind had come to

symbolize what could be good and right about British aristocracy. As I

visited the palaces such as Hampton Court and Windsor on my trip, I was

struck by the changes that had occurred over the years of history to

Biritch Royalty, going from all-powerful, and in some cases, corrupt,

absolute rulers, to the present-day figureheads. Yet, despite this fall

Lady Diana had been able to singlehandedly raise the positive profile of

British Royalty, not only by her beauty and her presence, but by her

humanity, and her obvious care and concern for people of the world who

are less fortunate than was she. It seems to me that she forced the

other members of the Royal family to emerge from their respective

shells, and likewise serve important public fuif for no other reason

than to try to "keep up" with her leading light.

As for the paparazzi who have so obviously contributed to her demise, I

have nothing but utter contempt. I do not disagree with the right of

the press to cover public events, but the growing and insatiable need of

these jackals and wolves to interfere with each and every detail of the

lives of anyone in the public spotlight has gone far beyond any right or

reason. Some say that public figures must "accept this" as part of

their choice of public life, but I say this is utter nonsense.

Conversely, what this has done, at least in the U.S., is force many

talented and intelligent people to NOT choose public service, for fear

of exposing themselves and their families to this relentless pursuit.

Freedom of the press does not override the freedom of any individual to

have some peace and privacy in their lives. Ultimately, however, it is

the reading and watching public who must force change. Only by refusing

to be parties to trash journalism, by refusing to buy the publications

and refusing to watch the T.V. gossip shows, will we put an end to this

brand of harassment.

If any meaning can be found from the tragedy we are all now dealing

with, I can only hope that the return to sanity in the lives of our

public figures will be the result. Otherwise, no solace can be found in

the brutal and tragic snuffing out of one of the world's brightest

lights, Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales. Thank you for the chance

to share these thoughts.

Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 11:46:59 -0400

From: "George T. Mullen" <[email protected]>

Subject: Queen of Hearts

Can't express in words how deeply we regret the loss of such a wonderful

person. She will be missed by all the world for her caring and loving

attitude she showed to the poor and sick.

Our prayers go forth for William and Harry who will miss their mother.

To all of the other families affected by this senseless tragedy, may God

give them peace.


Jessica & George Mullen, New York, U.S.A.

From: " from Paige Howell" <[email protected]>

Subject: Our Sympathy

Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 11:46:29 -0400

Of course we are not alone in our sadness over this tragedy, and our =

wishes are certainly not unique in that we wish her loved ones, as well =

as the loved ones of Fayed and their chauffeur, love and strength. It =

is an overwhelming event in the global community that has caused ripples =

that will not quiet anytime soon. We hope that the loss of this =

gracious and graceful woman will not be totally in vain; perhaps the =

press community will see that the relentless, dogged pursuit of images =

of those in famous or powerful positions can cause immense harm. This =

event has affected people in all corners of the world, and it shows =

that Princess Diana's great legacy might continue on. Love, Paige =

Howell and Steven Taylor- Norcross, Georgia- USA

PLEASE send us your reactions to the sad news. We will publish your messages through the week. Click here or send mail to: [email protected]


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