UFOs seen in Kent. Investigation into the extraterrestrial and supernatural phenomena in Kent, England. East Kent's Member of European Parliament demands investigation.

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Have you seen UFOs in Kent?
If so write to us at: [email protected]

Kent UFOs Head for London
- More "Flying saucers" spotted in capital's spooked satellite

ALIEN SPOTTERS from around the world could soon descend upon Kent following fresh claims of U.F.O.(Unidentified Flying Object) activity in the area. What's more, it now appears that the craft could be heading for London.

Kent, also known as The Garden of England, borders London and the latest revelations show that the visitors from afar could be homing in on the capital. We reported back in 1998 that Mark Watts, Member of European Parliament for East Kent, had demanded an investigation into U.F.O. sightings the previous year in the Hythe area, to the east of the county.

LondonNet has received a letter from a reader, Irene Brennan, who says she witnessed unexplained aerial activity in the summer of 1998.

"I was driving down to Maidstone in Kent from Suffolk (in the evening) and somewhere on the road after the Dartford tunnel I noticed a bright light in the sky that seemed to be staying in the same place all the time. It stayed in the same position for quite a long while as I drove down the motorway and I approached it and literally drove underneath whatever it was," said Brennan.

This places the U.F.O.s to the west of the county and within just a few miles of the outskirts of London.

The craft "was triangular shaped with lights at each corner and as I looked up I could see that the underside of the object was divided into sections. I wondered if it could have been a Harrier or the "invisible" Stealth bomber or something but I didn't see any wheels hanging down, just the lights at the corner of the triangle".

Brennan's first thoughts were of self-doubt. However, a friend claims to have seen alien craft too.

"She came through to the bedroom to tell me that she had been up at her bedroom window all night watching something with a lot of lights, rather like the helicopter in Men in Black. She had watched it for ages."

Kent seems to be at an epicentre of extraterrestrial and supernatural phenomena. LondonNet's very own Antoinette Coll remembers something very strange from her Kent childhood.

"The mansion at Port Lympne is widely believed to have moved down a hill" claims the office sage. Port Lympne is now home to a safari park run by zoologist John Aspinall, whose controversial methods have often brought him into the public eye.

Have you seen UFOs in Kent?
- If so write to us at: [email protected]

Is Kent the epicentre of UFO visits to the UK?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

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From our News archive (1998):
MEP demands UFO investigation
- Numerous "independent" sightings in Kent

Mark Watts, Member of European Parliament for East Kent, has demanded an investigation into UFO sightings in the Hythe area.

He said that were many independent sightings of strange flying objects in the weeks leading up to the General Election last May. They all occurred close to the home of former Home Secretary Michael Howard. When the MP stood for the Conservative Party leadership last summer fellow Tory Anne Widdicombe made accusations that he had "something of the night about him".

Thus far calls for a probe have been resisted by the authorities.

Watts will continue his campaign until someone in the establishment wakes up to his constituents demands for action.

Looking for a terrestrial alternative explanation, the sceptics in our newsroom have suggested that the strange noises and lights could have been government helicopters picking up and dropping off the Home Secretary at his home? Remember the scene in Close Encounters? They do...

If you have seen the UFOs in Kent please tell us. Write to: [email protected]

More Sightings from LondonNet readers:

May 18, 2002
RE: Kent UFOs

This is the first time I have told anyone other than friends or family of my 'sighting'.
It was a Saturday night, about 10 pm, and a friend and myself were almost home from a day at the 1987 NEC Birmingham motor show. We were within about 2 miles from home when we came across what seemed to be a light shining down on the road from above. I slowed down and stopped the car when we were actually in the light. I opened my window, thinking it was a helicopter to look up at it. The light source seemed to be not far away, possibly 200 feet, maybe 2000 feet, but what amazed us was the silence. Not a sound! The light was the most intense 'beam' of light I had ever seen. So bright that there were no shadows and everything could be seen so so clearly,down to twigs and blades of grass on this dark wet night.
After about 15 - 30 seconds the light accelerated away at an unexplainable speed. Very very very fast.
I'm a 36 year old man with all my faculties, I hope, I don't believe in ghosts or aliens, but I know what I saw and shall never forget this unexplained sight.

Dudley Tomlinson.

Location : A227 Gravesend Road, Wrotham, Kent. UK.


I witnessed a UFO about two weeks ago. It was about 5.15 am. I was driving to work. I live in Cranbrook. I drove out of Cranbrook towards Hastings where I work now about 1.5 miles outside Cranbrook I was climbing a hill (NB it was a very clear morning, no clouds) as I looked up I noticed a rectangular shape object hovering in the sky. The ends were rounded, it was greyish /brown in colour ,as I climbed the brow of the hill I see it right in front (estimated 5000 feet of ground, estimated size I would say about 150 to 175 feet long).

Then I checked mirror for road position looked back up it was gone all of this lasted about 8-10 seconds. I find it difficult to talk about this to anyone; I have also seen other UFOs sightings in the immediate area over the last 20 years. One is so fantastic if I told the story to you, what I mean is I get worried people might laugh at me. I have always wanted to tell someone but it is hard.

Ruth (received Sunday, August 06, 2000)

Bright lights in Kent sky

To whom it may concern I would like to report a phenomenon noticed yesterday while travelling through central Kent:

Time: 2300 hrs
Weather: Patchy low cloud

While travelling by car on M2 motorway coast bound between Sittingbourn and Faversham circular bright lights were noticed in the sky to the south of the motorway. they were moving at considerable speed, tracking backwards and forwards across the sky , moving several miles within in second or two. This phenomenon was "different enough " to cause us to stop and view , we could not see any logical reason for the display. it should be noted that when travelling we also saw other people standing,viewing the lights from a motorway bridge.the lights did not appear to be shone from the ground , as in a Hollywood style lamp, they were completely clear of any obvious connection.

Ron Francis (received Sunday, July 09, 2000 )

Have you seen UFOs in Kent?
If so write to us at: [email protected]

Is Kent the epicentre of UFO visits to the UK?
- Have your say today on our News Talkback bulletin board.

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