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This special LondonNet feature brings you the main points of the Starr Report, reaction from London and links to other important "Clintongate" web pages

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More Clinton Jokes

Still Our Favourite:

What Clinton ACTUALLY said to Monica:
"Hold my calls and sack my cook"

More Others:

Clinton is like a composite of previous presidents.
He has the hormones of JFK, the scruples of Nixon and the memory of Reagan

What's the difference between Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore?
Gore really knows what it's like to go down on a sinking ship
Why did Clinton buy his new dog, buddy?
So Hillary won't be suspicious when she overhears him in the Oval Office saying: "Lie on the floor, roll over on your back".
President Clinton and the Pope died on the same day, but there was a mix up and Clinton was sent to heaven and the Pope went to hell.
God sorted it out the next day. As the Pope was on his way upstairs he bumped into Bill on his way down. Excitedly, the Pope said "I can't wait to see the Virgin Mary".
Clinton replied: "Sorry, you're a day late"

Dan Quayle, Bob Dole and Bill Clinton are in a car when a tornado whirls them up in the air and deposits them in the Land of Oz.
They set off to see the Wizard and Quayle says "I'm going to ask him for a brain", Dole says "I'm going to ask him or a heart". Clinton says "Where's Dorothy?"
A group of surgeons were discussing who is the easiest to operate on.
One reckoned engineers because their insides are colour coded. Another said librarians because their insides are arranged in alphabetical order.
The third said Bill Clinton - because he has no guts, no spine, no heart and his brain and manhood are interchangeable

These are but a few of the Clinton jokes doing the rounds.
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- For links to sites featuring nothing but Bill-humour see our Clintongate Links page.

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