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Sardine Man Comes to Rescue of Squashed Commuters
- Sea creature pronounces itself 'seriously fished off' at overcrowding

Sardine Man, courtesy of Transport 2000SARDINE MAN is to tour the country from today highlighting its most overcrowded train routes.

The transport campaigner in a slippery yet almost edible suit hits London tomorrow after travelling on the Woking to Waterloo line, one of the routes that first inspired him to take the plunge into protesting against overcrowding.

"Over the years I've noticed the trains getting more and more packed, and I'm seriously 'fished off', said Sardine Man.

"I pay a king prawn's ransom for a season ticket and yet I could count on one fin the number of times I'm lucky enough to get a seat. And I can't even read my Daily Whale in peace every time I turn a page I elbow some poor sole in the chest."

With the help of environmental pressure group Transport 2000, this next fortnight Sardine Man plans to visit some of the ten most overcrowded train routes in the country, which can be found on the group's website.

As well as tomorrow's 7.10-7.40 journey, he is to jostle for room on the 17.30-17.50 from Waterloo to Brentford next Monday.

"The Government's about to come out with a 30-year plan for the railways," said Sardine Man. "Before it does I want the Government to know that the rail network needs to be expanded to cope with demand."

That might prove tricky as, according to Julia Thomas of Transport 2000, "franchise agreements do not encourage any infrastructure investment by rail operators."

There are also no legal limits on train overcrowding, unless you happen to be cattle or sheep.

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