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Heather Mills: I Love Paul, Hate His Lawyer
- Divorce case dragged out to 'fill pockets' of McCartney's brief, she claims

Heather Mills. Copyright LondonNet.comHEATHER MILLS says she and Sir Paul McCartney are still friends with each other after their split and it's just the legal wrangling that makes things tough.

"I still love him, he is the father of my daughter and I will never speak badly about him. We are still friends," Mills told CNN anchor Larry King last night, revealing Sir Paul had sent her flowers as a good luck gesture before her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, the US version of Strictly Come Dancing.

"There was a card that read, 'Dear Mummy, love Daddy and Beatrice,'" Mills said of the bouquet. "It was nice. You can love someone and not be right for each other and have to move on."

Instead of blaming Sir Paul for the on-going dispute over the divorce settlement, Mills holds the ex-Beatle's lawyer, Fiona Shackleton, responsible.

"This Fiona Shackleton wants to drag things out to fill her pockets," claimed Mills. "She's said some pretty mean-spirited things about me when I was in a wheelchair. She is not a very nice person and she has made it as difficult as possible."

Mills also took the chance to deny accusations of being a gold-digger. "I gave up a lot of opportunities when I got married," she said. "I had a much better quality lifestyle and more money before I married."

As to her current love-life, Mills said that she was not yet up for a relationship, but would like one in time.

"I've not had a boyfriend, I'm not ready yet," she said. "I'd like to date someone three times a week and have the honeymoon period, go out and have a glass of wine, say goodnight and then go home."

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