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Legal Wrangles Dog New Diana Probe
- Investigation saga set to break ten-year barrier

Members of the media view Mario Testino s major new exhibition of pictures of Diana, Princess of Wales, at Kensington Palace, London, England which opened on 24.11.2005. Mario s images, many never before displayed, are united with the dresses worn by the Princess, and lated auctioned for charity in 1997. The exhibition, sponsored by HSBC Private Bank, will run until Spring 2007. Credit: Stephen Pond Historic Royal PalacesJUST when you thought there'd been the final, exhaustive investigation into the death of Princess Diana, along comes another one promising enough legal twists and turns to take the whole thing way past the ten year anniversary mark.

Diana and her lover Dodi died in August 1997. A few years later came a report by French authorities into the Paris car crash that killed the pair, which was followed by years of legal wrangles and appeals, mainly by Mohammed Al fayed, Dodi's Harrods-owning dad.

Only after all that was it possible for former Met chief Lord Stevens to begin his probe, which was published last month and came to the unsurprising conclusion that Diana and Dodi died in a car crash that had no conspiracy-type implications attached.

After waiting patiently in the queue for the above to play out, the official British inquest finally gets underway today. Unhappily, it is likely to get off to a slow start thanks to arcane legal arguments about the status of royal personages under the law.

As Diana was royal at the time of her death, still applicable ancient law has it that any jury called would have to come from the royal household. However, Dodi, as a non-royal, would not be entitled to such treatment and so his death might end up being the subject of a separate, though parallel, probe.

On a brighter note, Kensington Palace is currently exhibiting some wonderful pictures of Diana, two shown on the left, and some of her famous dresses, which are due to be auctioned off for charity later this year.

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