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Madonna's butt injections
- The singer has been injecting vitamins into the butts of the cast on her husband Guy Ritchie's new film.

MadonnaThe actors starring in 'RocknRolla' have been struck down with a spate of illnesses and the super-healthy singer has decided to take matters into her own hands.

Madonna who takes vitamin injections herself - administers the health-boosting jabs from her Range Rover car.

And it seems she is converting the majority of the cast to the controversial practice.

Actor Gerard Butler, who plays the character One Two, has been a regular vitamin recipient.

His co-star Tom Hardy, who portrays Handsome Bob in the gangster film, personally witnessed the 49-year-old superstar jab Gerard in the rear.

He told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "She does it for her dancers, and is trained to do it, so she decided to do it for the actors as well.

"One day, when we had a break, Guy asked me if I'd like to meet his wife as she was around and he knew I was big fan. I had the shock of my life when I saw her in the back of her Range Rover administering a shot of B12 into the bare a**e of Gerard Butler!"

Tom, 29, has so far refused Madonna's injections, but says: "She is so cool when she does it. She just said to Gerard, 'There you go, bosh! That should do it.' "

Earlier this year, Madonna stunned fellow passengers during a flight from Britain to the US by injecting herself with vitamins in mid-air.

Health experts insist vitamin injections - which are also reportedly used by Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears - should only be administered after a medical consultation.

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