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London Set for a Long Hot Summer
- Heatwave could pose health problems for the vulnerable warns Met Office

London Set for a Long Hot Summer. Picture: Copyright LondonNet 2007.LONDONERS, currently basking in one of the warmest Easters for many years, look set to enjoy a long, hot summer according to weather boffins at the Met Office.

Following the trend set throughout 2006 and the first part of 2007, seasonal forecasters say they there is a high chance that summer temperature will exceed the 1971-2000 long-term average of 14.1 C. They also suggest the chances of temperatures similar to those experienced in the super-hot summers of 2003 and 2006 are around one in eight.

Before you buy the tanning lotion and put your umbrella away until winter, a word of warning. Hot summers don't necessarily mean dry summers. August is historically one of the wettest months of the year for example. The Met Office confirm that although temperatures look set to be high "The forecast for rainfall is less certain and currently there are no indications of an increased risk of a particularly dry or particularly wet summer".

Not everyone will be looking forward to this summer's predicted heatwave though. Periods of very hot weather which have serious implications for many people's health.

"Each summer the Met Office and Department of Health operate a Heat-Health programme aimed at alleviating the effects of the hottest weather on vulnerable groups. During the 2003 heatwave there were more than 2,000 directly attributed excess deaths in the UK and over 20,000 in France" the Met Office said.

"The very old and the very young are particularly susceptible to extreme heat, particularly when very warm nights prevent the body from recuperating from very hot days. Also, people who suffer with breathing difficulties are likely to find their symptoms heightened" said Dr Tish Laing-Morton, Clinical Director at the Met Office.

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