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23 Year Old Shot in Police Raid
- Two Arrested in Huge Forest Gate Anti-terrorism Operation

23 Year Old Shot in Police Raid: Two Arrested in Huge Forest Gate Anti-terrorism OperationA TWENTY-THREE year old man was shot by police today (Friday, 2 June 2005) during an anti-terrorist raid in east London. He has since been arrested along with a 20 year old man who was taken to Paddington Green police station to be questioned.

The shooting took place in Lansdown Road, Forest Gate in an operation involving 250 Police and MI5 officers and members of the Health Protection Agency.

The anti-terror branch of Scotland Yard has said that the raid was in response to 'specific intelligence'.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission, who will now conduct an investigation, say that a single bullet was fired.

"The incident was referred to the IPCC immediately and our investigators were deployed to the scene early this morning," the IPCC commissioner Deborah Glass said. "An examination of the Officer's firearm confirms that a single shot was discharged in circumstances that are currently under investigation. We can confirm that injuries to the man are not life-threatening."

The operation was not linked to the London bombings of July 2005, police have said.

UK air traffic controllers have restricted flights in the east London area for at least the next four days. Flights to London have been subject to extra security checks with French police conducting dog searches on UK bound aircraft.

The shooting comes in the wake of continued controversy over the killing of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes - mistaken by police for a suicide bomber at Stockwell Tube last July.

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