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Whale’s Final Resting Place is Natural History Museum.  Image: The Natural History Museum, LondonWhale’s Final Resting Place is Natural History Museum
- Now female Bottlenose needs a name

THE LONDON WHALE is to live on in the public imagination after authorities agreed its body would be taken care of by the Natural History Museum in south Kensington.

“The whale captured the imagination of the British public - and of people all over the world - and now her legacy will live on,” said Richard Sabin of the museum.

It is likely the whale’s skeleton will go on display in one of the museum’s famous halls, although there has been a call from plastination guru Gunther von Hagens to preserve the body after the style of his Body Worlds exhibition.

“I am fascinated by this creature; this whale deserves to have a more scientific, brilliant, didactic future,” said von Hagens. “The whale should be preserved by plastination, in slices. Life comes from the organs, not the bones. It didn't die from its bones.”

It was only during yesterday’s post-mortem that it emerged the whale was female, a six metre adolescent of the bottle-nosed variety. For some reason, the assumption had been that it was male before then, hence the various names given to it by rival media outlets, such as Willy, Wally and Pete.

LondonNet believes that naming celebrity animals, alive or dead, requires adherence to the law of alliteration, so Wendy and Winnie are the early favourites for the whale’s permanent name. Both have connection to London; Wendy in the Peter Pan stories lived here and Winnie was the nickname of Winston Churchill, who, we know, was a man.

So, Wendy or Winnie? Vote in our poll

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