London New Archives: April 2006

1.00am Tube Trains By Next Year
Mayor unveils weekend late-running scheme - 28/04/06
Snoop Doggy Dogged By Police
Rapper arrested at Heathrow after mass brawl - 27/04/06
Cruise Sets New Red-Carpet Record
Mission Impossible III star loves warm welcome and David Beckham - 26/04/06
Robbie Williams to Rejoin Take That
The singer will appear in person on stage during the pop group's comeback tour - 25/04/06
Shakespeare in All His Glory
Complete Works season at Stratford does what it says on the tin - 24/04/06
Gebreselassie 'Makes Marathon Record Possible'
Organisers hoping for quick times in Sunday spectacular - 21/04/06
Mamma Mia! Goes to the Movies
Tom Hanks behind film version of Abba musical - 20/04/06
Queen is on the Throne ‘For Life’ Says Cousin
Message from the top scuppers likelihood of an early Charles take-over - 19/04/06
Blair Wants More Overseas Students
100,000 extra to bring cash windfall to Britain - 18/04/06
Kate Moss Unwrapped
Supermodel cast in yoga bronze - 13/04/06
Total Clean-Up for Nelson’s Column
Preservation work ‘being done for generations to come’ says Mayor - 12/04/06
Mayor Ken in Red Storm
Livingstone compares Tiananmen Square to Poll Tax Demo - 11/04/06
Fire at Bleak House
40 fire fighters needed to control blaze at Dickens’ old home - 10/04/06
Poems for London Reach for the Sky
Beckett lines to be beamed onto landmark buildings for next week - 07/04/06
Food of Hope for Trafalgar Square’s Pigeons
Animal rights group find legal loop-hole that lets them feed the birds - 06/04/06
Live Ads in Theatres to Promote London
Robert Lindsay kicks off ‘world first’ acting marketing push - 05/04/06
E’s Are Bad for 40,000 Pill-Popping Record Holder
Severe memory loss for man deemed 'an exceptional case' by Tooting hospital - 04/04/06
American Kids banned from London
Jeb Bush and Ken Livingstone step in as band gets marching orders over fears of bombs - 03/04/06

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