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PM Issues Warning to Terrorists
- Parliament hears blunt threat before three-minute silence

BRITISH Prime Minister Tony Blair today pledged to follow the hard-line lead taken by US President George Bush against the perpetrators of this week's massacre.

"Those that harbour and help [terrorists] have a choice - either to cease their protection or our enemies or be treated as an enemy themselves."

Such comments represent a clear warning to any state deemed by Bush to be harbouring terrorists, in this case Afghanistan and perhaps Iraq. They increase the possibility that any US revenge mission will be one based on the norms of all out nation-on-nation warfare rather than the bringing to justice of those individuals responsible for the world's worst ever terrorist act.

Blair made his comments at the emergency recall of parliament where, at 11.00, MPs joined the rest of the world in a three-minute silence, in what has been declared a day of mourning for those who lost their lives. The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales joined the American Ambassador in a remembrance service at St Paul's Cathedral.

Public buildings, offices and shops stopped trading while crowds gathered outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square and at the American Church in Tottenham Court Road.
The 43 nations of the Council of Europe- set up in 1949 to promote democracy and human rights - called for its 800 million citizens to observe the three-minute silence. Secretary General Walter Schwimmer said: "I appeal to the 800 million citizens in the Council of Europe member states to join us in this moment of grief, in an expression of our deepest sympathy with the victims and their families".
In America, President Bush is to visit New York and the remains of the World Trade Centre today for the first time since the attacks.

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