London New Archives: May 2000

  • Bubbly Blow for Champagne Charlie
    Thieves steal six bottles from St James Palace - 30/05/00
  • Remanded Bulsara Awaits His Fate
    Dando supsect back in court in four weeks - 29/05/00
  • Dando Suspect: I Didn't Do It
    Queen fan Bulsara protests innocence - 25/05/00
  • Dando Murder Suspect Held by Police
    Man taken in year after shooting of TV star - 24/05/00
  • Eggs Over Easy
    Prudential pulls float plan for its internet bank - 23/05/00
  • Fed Up Noel Quits Oasis
    Tour in shambles as Gallagher returns home - 22/05/00
  • Ken Wants to Go Home
    Mayor eyes up old County Hall haunt - 19/05/00
    Jobs disaster as high profile internet site goes under - 18/05/00
  • Battle of the Banknote Beards
    Darwin replaces Dickens on tenner - 17/05/00
  • Taylor Made for Andrews Victory
    Julie beats Liz in Dame race - 15/05/00
  • Ken: Euro is Vital for London
    Mayor makes business case for joining new currency - 15/05/00
  • Blair: No Devaluation
    PM to keep pound high - 12/05/00
  • RIP Barbara Cartland
    Queen of old time romance dies, aged 98 - 12/05/00
  • Loach Lambasts 'Right Wing' Blair
    Tube privatisation cited as evidence by leading film director - 11/05/00
  • Charles 'Suicidal' Over 'Scheming' Diana
    Aide's views revealed in new diaries - 11/05/00
  • Dirty London Gone to the Dogs
    Northerners cleaner than cluttered capital - 11/05/00
  • BBC Knock Queen Mum on the Head
    No live coverage for 100th birthday party - 10/05/00
  • New Camps for Refugees
    Detention centre programme set for increase - 09/05/00
  • Met Chief: Royal Family at Risk
    Stevens worried over anarchist threat at Tate Modern - 08/05/00
  • Jobs Scare as Frankfurt and London Merge
    Nasdaq could also join new exchange - 05/05/00
  • Famous Faces Hung on Oxford Street
    Monster photo helps Selfridges clean-up - 04/05/00
  • Old Guard Kick at Ken Over Royals
    Aide's republican leanings used against new Mayor - 03/05/00
  • Ken at a Canter
    Livingstone confirmed as new Mayor - 01/05/00

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