February 2000

  • Millennium Bridge Absorbs Delay Shock
    No cure for the wobbles until late autumn - 29/02/00
  • Slough Reaches Out to the World
    Kids in massive internet link-up - 28/02/00
  • Kid For Kate
    Titanic Star Winslet is expecting her first child - 25/02/00
  • Get On Your Bikes Punks
    London Mayor candidate Malcolm McLaren plans cycle giveaway - 24/02/00
  • Go-Ahead for 24 Hour Drinking
    Licensing laws to be relaxed in new initiative - 23/02/00
  • Livingstone Lines Up Loser Alliance
    Lib Dem Kerr slated as deputy - 22/02/00
  • Kids Fill Dome
    Sold out signs go up at Greenwich - 21/02/00
  • Woody or Won't He?
    Ken wrestles with Toy Story dilemma - 18/02/00
  • Dobson Pips Livingstone
    Blair's man beats left-winger in Labour's London mayor nomination - 17/02/00
  • Dobbo Close to Victory
    Narrow win predicted for Blair's man - 16/02/00
  • Brown Takes Axe Internet Costs
    BT to face early competition on line charges - 15/02/00
  • New Battle of Trafalgar Dawns
    Plans launched for pedestrian-friendly square - 15/02/00
  • Diana Car Wreck Towed Away
    Smash given short shrift by residents - 14/02/00
  • Posh Raider
    Victoria Beckham to spice up Lara Croft - 12/02/00
  • Dome Back in Fashion
    Designers get a whole new Millennium Experience - 10/02/00
  • Media Hijacks Stansted 155
    Xenophobia rises as plane drama drags on - 09/02/00
  • Dawn End to Stansted Hijack
    All hostages released from 727 - 09/02/00
  • Queen of Heart Operations
    Diana paid for life-saving surgery in secret - 08/02/00
  • Pinochet 'Mentally Defective'
    Dictator's medical report too sensitive for release, say lawyers - 07/02/00
  • Eye Over London At Last
    Big wheel turns round first passengers - 02/02/00

  • London Theatre Special Offers

    London Big Theatre Sale

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