London New Archives: April 2000

  • Police in May Day Alert
    Weekend of demos planned by campaigners - 28/04/00
  • Miss World for the Dome
    Beauty contest could follow beauty's visit - 27/04/00
  • Judges Go Surfing
    Internet to e adopted by UK's legal eagles - 26/04/00
  • Hague Gets Racist Warning
    Tory leader damages race relations, says refugee body - 25/04/00
  • Condemned by Church
    British firm under fire for bad-taste cyber-squatting - 24/04/00
  • Europe: Give us Free Speech on Web
    Closure of 3 UK web sites slammed as censorship - 21/04/00
  • Genes Are No Laughing Matter
    Humour not linked to heredity, say London researchers - 20/04/00
  • Ken: Money Markets are Murderers
    Financial instituions kill more than Hitler, Mayor favourite says - 19/04/00
  • Kramer in Poll Surge
    Lib Dem candidate gains most as Ken slips back - 19/04/00
  • Dome in Demo Warning
    Police to meet anti-capitalist protesters in force - 12/04/00
  • Tories and Labour in Dock Over Bigotry
    LibDem Hughes attacks 'appalling' stance of big two - 10/04/00
  • Eyes All Over the World
    Big wheels planned in six other cities - 04/04/00
  • American Beauty's BAFTA Six-Pack
    But no director gong for Mendes - 03/04/00
  • White Feasts on Libel Win
    Now wedding on the menu for star chef - 02/04/00
  • Ken Slams 'Nazi' Tactics
    Livingstone tells his side of home loan story - 01/04/00

  • London Theatre Special Offers

    London Big Theatre Sale

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