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Rock & Pop

News Feature (from March 98):
It's all over now Tony Blair- PM

- PM kicked out of "Cool Britannia Club"

Tony Blair aka "The PM of Pop" has been thrown out of the "Cool Britannia Club" according to pompous pundits at the New Musical Express (NME) magazine. They claim the Prime Minister has failed to deliver on election promises to help the poor.

The Labour Party, now led by Blair, has long been the natural home for the renegades of rock. The last election campaign was no exception with the Party's anthem "Things can only get better" becoming inexorably linked with Blair himself. The PM has also hosted numerous "Cool Britannia" parties at 10 Downing Street with guests including Oasis's Noel Gallagher and TFI Friday's Chris Evans lining up to quaff champagne and talk up the country's future.

- "Ever had the feeling you've been cheated" says NME

The NME writes of "The Labour Government's war on you" and asks "Ever had the feeling you've been cheated". It cites Pulp's Jarvis Cocker and Ian Broudie of The Lightening Seeds as examples of Britpop shining lights who have become disillusioned with the formerly "hip" PM and his policies.

- Grandees of Britpop round on Blair

Meanwhile Creation Records boss Alan McGee has attacked the market orientated New Labour approach and criticised the Welfare to Work programme. He claims the new initiative will starve the music industry of new talent as budding bands will no longer be able to live off the dole (unemployment benefit) while nurturing their talent and seeking record deals.

- LondonNet Comment: Get Real Groovers

News that the NME has jumped on the right wing bandwagon to halt the "Labour Honeymoon" comes as no surprise to the LondonNet newsdesk. Music journalism is more fashion than substance and the young bright things down at the 'Xpress probably think they can up their dwindling circulation figures by surfin' the latest Labour bashing trend. But hey guys, spot the facts:

1) Talk that the Labour government is out of touch with the people is tosh. Check the polls to see how they are more popular NOW than at the time of their landmark landslide.

2) The real whining is coming from those entrenched bastions of feudal conservatism; "Country Folk"(read landowners), The House of Lords (that seat of revolution) and The Liberal Media Establishment (BBC, Grauniad et al ).

3) Alan McGee really means he wants you the taxpayer to foot the bill for the kind of education and training his vastly profitable industry has been failing to deliver for decades.

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