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14th Raindance Film Festival 2006:
Screening Schedule

14th Raindance Film Festival Thursday 28 September 2006
Friday 29 September 2006
Saturday 30 September 2006
Sunday 1 October 2006
Monday 2 October 2006
Tuesday 3 October 2006
Wednesday 4 October 2006
Thursday 5 October 2006
Friday 6 October 2006
Saturday 7 October 2006
Sunday 8 October 2006


13:00 Only I Know
[Canada, dir Kire Paputts]
Doc about the gradual destruction and dysfunction of a family, using 21 years worth of footage

13:00 Floating Lamp Of The Shadow Valley
[Kashmir, dir Rajesh Jala]
Nine-year-old Arif supports his family, ferrying people across the Dal Lake

15:00 Dear Pyongyang
[Japan, dir Yong-hi Yang]
A Korean-Japanese daughter tries to understand her father's sworn political loyalty to North Korea

15:15 What's A Man Without A Moustache?
[Croatia, dir Hrvoje Hribar]
A young widow, an ex-alcoholic priest, a former emigrant and his German daughter fight the obstacles in their mind.

17:15 Bambi Bone
[Japan, dir Noriko Shibutani]
Two young friends in Tokyo hatch a revenge plot

17:30 Height of Sky
[USA, dir Morleigh Steinberg]
After moving from the lush greenery of Japan to the concrete aridity of LA, Butoh dancer, Oguri, finds himself transplanted to an alien environment

19:30 Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man
[USA, dir Lian Lunson]
Tribute to one of music's most celebrated artists. Performances from Beth Orton, Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave and U2 with Cohen himself

19:45 Straight8 Showcase

21:45 Book of the Dead
[Japan, dir Kihochiro Kawamoto]
Animation, focusing on a young noble woman who is stalked by the ghost of Prince Otsu

22:00 5 and 1/2 Roofs
[UK/Austria, dir Sepp R Bruddermann]
An eclectic spectrum of inhabitants from six different London squats


13:00 Little Fugitive
[USA, dir Joanna Lipper]
Lenny is burdened with the responsibility of looking after his younger brother Joey

15:00 Factor 8: The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal
[USA, dir Kelly Duda]
Doc about how tainted blood was sold to patients in Canada, the UK and around the world during Clinton's governorship

15:15 Penumbra
[Ireland, dir Gwynne Mcelveen]
Doc following Gwynne who travels from Ireland to Idaho to visit her penfriend Jim

17:00 Seven and a Half
[Serbia, dir Miroslav Momcilovi]
Seven stories from 'the neighbourhood' that also provide a mirror to the seven mortal sins

17:30 Shorts: Animated Display A

19:00 The Ballad of AJ Weberman
[UK, dir Oliver Ralfe & James Bluemer]
Doc chronicling the life, times and crimes of a notorious Bob Dylan obsessive

19:15 Neil Young: Heart of Gold
[USA, dir Jonathan Demme]
Neil Young's two-night performance at the famed Ryman Auditorium in Nashville

21:30 A Clockwork Orange
[UK/USA, dir Stanley Kubrick]
35th anniversary screening of Stanley Kubrick's most astonishing work

21:45 The Strange Saga of Hiroshi the Freeloading Sex Machine
[Japan, dir Yuji Tajiri]
Hiroshi lives off his single-mum girlfriend. He is drawn into the local cricket fighting craze and an epic showdown draws near.
Screening with Bitter Sweet
[Japan, dir Mitsuru Meike]
A woman is hesitant about her approaching wedding, while the man she is sleeping with doubts his own marriage


11:30 The 600 Second Short Film Project

12:00 Shorts: Official Selection

13:15 Panel: Framestore, Panavision & New Tech

13:45 Fat Girls
[USA, dir Ash Christian]
Off-beat comedy following an atypical Texas student who dreams of being on Broadway

15:00 SAE Award Showcase

16:00 Starfish Hotel
[Japan, dir John Williams]
Mysterious atmospherics and strained sexual relations

16:45 Vertigo Panel: Blurring The Lines

18:00 Johnny Was
[UK, dir Mark Hammond]
Johnny Doyle escapes a violent past in Ireland to lie low in London, until his former mentor Flynn breaks out of prison. With Vinnie Jones and Lennox Lewis

18:30 Shooting Nick
[USA, dir Daniel Yost]
A middle-aged loser is kidnapped by a manic couple

20:15Wristcutters: A Love Story
[USA, dir Goran Dukic]
A strange afterlife limbo that has been reserved for people who have committed suicide

20:30 Texas
[Italy, dir Fausto Paravidino]
Northern Italy is supposed to be as boring as rural Texas. Not when a slacker has an affair with a married teacher

22:15 Liberty in Restraint
[Australia, dir Michael Ney]
Doc sbout S&M subculture that follows a fetish photographer's quest for authenticity

22:30 Disorder
[USA, dir Jack Thomas Smith]
A schizophrenic tries to capture a masked killer


12:00 Taming Of The Shrew
[UK, dir Ljiljana Kojic-Bogdanovich]
A classical ballet interpretation

13:15 Who Gets To Call It Art?
[USA, dir Peter Rosen]
The New York pop art scene in the 1960s, as seen through the eyes of Henry Geldzahler

13:30 Dancing for Oliver
[UK, dir Suzanne Gielgud]
Doc about the dance scene from Oliver Stone's Alexander, also known as 'Bagoas Dance'

15:30 Panel: New Japanese Cinema

15:30 The Wind
[Argentina/Spain, dir Eduardo Migogna]
A farmer travels to Buenos Aires to tell his granddaughter Alina about her mother's death

17:30 Shorts: Intimate Fiction

18:15 A Stranger of Mine
[Japan, dir Kenji Uchida]
A devastated Miyata, a tired detective, a yakuza boss, a woman with a two-timing fiancé, and a con woman who twists men around her finger, cross paths

19:30 Gower Boy
[UK, dir Gee Vaucher]
A gentle, exploration of the Gower Peninsula in Wales, accompanied live in the cinema by jazz pianist Huw Warren

20:15 Little Birds
[Japan, dir Takeharu Watai]
Doc following a Japanese filmmaker who remained in Iraq once the US armed forces entered

21:30 Really
[UK, dir Daniel Mitelpunkt]
The exploits of Eleanor, who desperately wants to change her life

22:15 True, True Lie
[USA, dir Eric Styles]
Released from a mental asylum after 12 years, Dana returns to the outside world, haunted by images of a disturbing past yet convinced she was never insane


13:00 HDFest: Mars Underground
[USA, dir Scott J Gill]
Doc about the possibility of life on Mars

14:00 Shorts: Surreal Encounters

15:00 HDFest: Shorts

16:30 Shorts: Mystery Tales

17:00HDFest Panel: Digital Special Effects

18:30 Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures
[UK, dir Jan Harlan]
Pictures, clips, old home movies and commentaries including Jack Nicholson and Scorcese. Followed by Q&A with Jan Harlan

18:45 HDFest: Expiration Date
[USA, dir Rick Stevenson]
Charlie Silvercloud III's grandfather and father were killed on their 25th birthdays by milk trucks. He turns 25 in eight days time

20:45 Next: A Primer on Urban Painting
[Canada, dir Pablo Aravena]
Doc exploring graffiti as a worldwide cultural phenomenon

21:45 Octopus Alarm
[Austria, dir Elizabeth Schrang]
Doc following Alex, identified as male on his birth certificate, by age two reassigned as a girl


13:00 The Last Monk
[India, dir Sudipto Sen]
Newly-married Swapna is mesmerised by a mystical culture

13:15 Unauthorized and Proud of It: Todd Loren's Rock & Roll Comics
[USA, dir Ilko Davidov]
Doc about murdered controversial publisher

15:00 Suriiwat
[Nepal, dir KP Pathak]
The problems with the caste system in a remote rural village

15:15 Shorts: Documentary

17:15 The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief
[Japan, dir Jake Clennell]
The extraordinary world of Osaka's Café Rakkyo

17:15 Shorts: Battle Zones

19:30 Live!Ammunition! Followed by party

19:15 Hounded
[Germany, dir Angelina Maccarone]
A middle aged probation officer is drawn into an S&M relationship with a teenage boy

21:15Get Thrashed
[USA, dir Rick Ernst]
Doc tracing the rise, fall and impact of thrash metal bands

21:30 Night People
[UK, dir Adrian Mead]
A journey across the city of Edinburgh on a cold October night


13:00 Yahaan
[India, dir Shoojit Sircar]
A love story amidst the death that visits the Kashmiris everyday

13:00 Karaula
[Croatia, dir Rajko Grlic]
A lieutenant discovers he has a sexually-transmitted infection and so declares a state of national emergency

16:00 Not a Photograph: Mission of Burma
[USA, dir Jeffrey Iwanicki & David A Kleiler Jr]
Doc charting the the seminal post-punk band

15:00 The Mozambique Poo Tour
[UK, dir Phil Turner]
Doc following bands Massukos, and Empty Boat, touring sanitation projects in Mozambique

18:00 Tiscali Award Showcase [and drinks]

17:00 Shorts: Pulp Fictions

19:15 Welcome Home
[Spain, dir David Trueba]
Young Samuel struggles at a magazine company, while girlfriend Eva harbours a secret: Samuel's son

19:00 Too Tough to Die: A Tribute to Johnny Ramone

[USA, dir Mandy Stein]
September 2004, two days before Johnny Ramone's death from cancer, a group of musicians and friends stage a benefit concert. Followed by Q&A with Marky Ramone

21:30 Cocaine Angel
[USA, dir Michael Tully]
A grinding and tragic week in the life of a drug addict

21:45 The Heirloom
[Taiwan, dir Leste Chen]
James inherits a property twenty years after the inexplicable mass suicide that took place in the Yang Household


13:00 Huldufólk 102
[Iceland/USA, dir Nisha Inalsingh]
Beneath the quiet veneer of Iceland lies an invisible nation of hidden people: its elves

13:15 Shorts: Canadian Bacon

15:00 Gradually
[Iran, dir Maziar Miri]
Mohmoud learns that his mentally unstable wife has gone missing, so he leaves his factory job and goes to find her

15:00 Tomorrow Morning
[Serbia, dir Oleg Novkovic]
An émigré's return to Belgrade to get married becomes the occasion for drunken reunions

17:15 Rahil's Secret
[Italy, dir Cinzia Bomroll]
Rahil walks balancing on the railroads in the direction that will carry her to become a woman

17:00 Shorts: The Best of UK

19:00 Kodak Cinematography Masterclass

18:30 2001: A Space Odyssey
[UK/USA, dir Stanley Kubrick]
Kubrick's masterful exploration

21:15 Uprooted
[France/USA, dir Donia Mili]
Doc exploring issues of resistance in the permanent war zone of the West Bank and East Jerusalem

21:45 Sanctuary
[UK, dir Clive Collier]
Doc about film composer Lisa Gerrard (ex-Dead Can Dance)


12:45 The Cats of Mirikitani
[USA, dir Linda Hattendorf]
Doc about a homeless Japanese-American artist who regains his citizenship

13:15 Perpetual Movements
[Portugal, dir Edgar Pêra]
Doc homage to the late Portuguese guitarist Carlos Paredes, interspersing archival footage with the sound of his performances and interviews

14:15 Far-Off Town: Dunedin To Nashville
[USA, dir Bridget Sutherland]
Doc about David Kilgour, who joins his friends in the band Lambchop in Nashville

15:00 Bal Can Can
[Italy/Macedonia/UK, dir Darko Mitrevski]
An army dodger drives across the border to discover that his mother-in-law has perished

16:00 Shaitan's Warrior
[Serbia, dir Stevan Filipovic]
A group of kids lay their hands on an esoteric book which can summon 'Shaitan's Warrior'

17:15 El Calentito
[Spain, dir Chuz Gutierrez]
A young, innocent girl is drawn into the punk scene of 1980s Madrid while trying to lose her virginity

18:00 Moon & Cherry
[Japan, dir Yuki Tanaka]
Tadokoro's sexual encounters with Mayama become serialised in a weekly men's magazine

19:30 There Is No Authority But Yourself
[NL, dir Alexander Oey]
Doc about the anarchist-punk band Crass, from 1977 to 1984 through to the present day

20:00 Alice
[Portugal, dir Marco Martins]
Every day Mário leaves home to repeat exactly the same steps he took on the day his daughter Alice disappeared

21:45 Rampage
[Australia, dir George Gittoes]
Doc about hip-hop in the forbidden zones of occupied Iraq and the badlands of Miami

21:45 Gruesome
[USA, dirs Jeff Crook, Josh Crook]
A college student is stalked and killed by a serial murderer but she awakes alive and well


12:00 London Games Festival

12:00 Bill Martell on Subversive Cinema

12:00 Sonic City Showcase

14:00 Page 3: Bollywood Explosion

[India, dir Madhur Bhandarkur]
A look at celebrity lifestyles through the eyes of a female entertainment writer

13:45 Under the Sun
[Germany, dir Baran bo Odar]
12-year-old Viktor is ignored by his aunt's family and forced into extreme circumstances.
Screening with The Visitors
[Germany, dir Ulrike Molsen]
Visitors turn a young woman's life upside down

17:30 Cargo
[UK, dir Clive Gordon]
Brookes has lost faith in his capacity for good and seeks to destroy everything that might lead him to the redemption he craves. With Peter Mullan and Daniel Brühl

15:45 Made in Jamaica
[France/USA, dir Jérôme Laperrousaz]
Made in Jamaica is a powerful portrait of the best reggae and dancehall artists ever assembled. The film describes how they have struggled to leave their native ghetto to achieve international fame and create a musical phenomenon in the process.

18:00 London to Brighton
[UK, dir Paul Andrew Williams]
Two girls need to stay alive for 24 hours

19:30 The Trials of Darryl Hunt
[USA, dirs Ricki Stern & Anne Sundberg]
Doc about a man who spent 20 years in jail for a crime he did not commit

21:45 The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down
[USA, dir Paul Sapiano]
The vibe of the UK's Human Traffic is transferred Stateside

20:00 The Right of the Weakest
[Belgium/ France, dir Lucas Belvaux]
Living in Liége, three friends look on impotently as their lives slip away

22:30 All Kindsa Girls
[USA, dir Cheryl Eagan-Donovan]
Doc about garage-punk, focusing on John Felice (ex-Modern Lovers) and the Real Kids


12:00 Bill Martell on Structural Freaks

12:00 The Making of Scenes Of A Sexual Nature
[UK, dir Ed Blum]
An in-depth documentary about tonight's closing feature

12:00 Shorts: Animated Display B

14:00 Director in Residence:
Zhang Zuan followed by a screening of Little Red Flowers [China] A four-year-old rebel is placed in a minutely
scrutinised kindergarten in post-1949 Beijing

14:00 My Country My Country
[USA, dir Laura Poitras]
Doc focusing on Dr Riyadh, who wants democracy in Iraq while opposing the US occupation

16:30 Shorts: Urban Tales

16:45 Mr Right
[UK, dirs David & Jacqui Morris]
A long hot London summer in the lives of four couples

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