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LondonNet Hotel Shop Survey

In March 2000 LondonNet wrote to all the readers who had booked through our Hotel Shop in the past year.

Overall the response was very positive. The most encouraging sign for us is the number who said that they would use us again and would recommend our service to others.

Thanks to everyone who took part and rest assured we will use the information supplied to further improve the choice and quality of the hotels available on the site.

To read the full results of the survey click here.

Customer Testimonials

About LondonNet

I found LondonNet to be fast, efficient and courteous. All the hotels in their selection are very good ones (by no means a matter of course in London) and their special rates mean that everyone can afford to upgrade their usual choice of accomodation. I trust the information LondonNet provides and regard LondonNet as a welcome and reliable ally in the process of making my visits to London more enjoyable than they might otherwise prove to be.
David Foster (Stockholm, Sweden)

I was very pleased with the reply I received when making my reservation.
George Milligan (New Jersey, USA)

Online booking much better than the phone.
Lorie Bigeau (Ontario, Canada)

Wonderful site. Lots of added information. I will use you again. Thanks!
Lisa Hanba (Michigan, USA)

Keep up the good work!
Erik van Koert (Rijswijk, Netherlands)

All smoothly done. Thanks.
Roy Tomalin (Rugby, Warwickshire)

About Our Hotels


I was very impressed with how easy and convenient it was to reserve a room at such a fine and famous hotel that only LondonNet's special rate had brought within my means. I'll definitely look to use LondonNet as a first resort in future.
David Foster (Stockholm, Sweden)

The staff at the Hazlitts have been brilliant in communicating.They upgraded a room for my parents Golden Wedding treat. Superb service!
Enid Bibby (Shropshire, United Kingdom)


The staff were great. I had my credit cards and other important documents stolen just before arrival and had to postpone my trip a few days, until a new passport was issued. They did not make me feel like a low-life without a credit card as it could not be issued so fast. I paid in T-Checks and they were great about it. I will return.
Lisa Hanba (Michigan, USA)


Thanks to your hotel shop, I have had a good time in the Columbia hotel twice. I love to stay there.
Sumie Saito (Saitama, Japan)

It was OK and as I expected - noise not too bad and service fine.
Emma Rosen (San Francisco, USA)

To read the full results of the survey click here