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Thanks for sharing the newsletter, keep it coming.
Samuel Webster

I receive your newsletter and believe I am honoured to receive it. It gives you all kinds of information whether you are coming to London or not.

Just want to say keep up the good work and please keep sending me your wonderful newsletter. Thank you.

Hello from Germany!
Your newsletter is always very interesting for me, although I am only in London twice a year.
Thank you and bye
Reinhard Rokitta

I found LondonNet to be fast, efficient and courteous. All the hotels in their selection are very good ones (by no means a matter of course in London)and their special rates mean that everyone can afford to upgrade their usual choice of accomodation. I trust the information LondonNet provides and regard LondonNet as a welcome and reliable ally in the process of making my visits to London more enjoyable than they might otherwise prove to be.

I was very impressed with how easy and convenient it was to reserve a room at such a fine and famous hotel that only LondonNet's special rate had brought within my means. I'll definitely look to use LondonNet as a first resort in future.
David Foster, Sweden

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