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LondonNet Editorial Internships

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Real Career Moves:

London is a busy place, it seems. Seven-or-so million people, and there are still more unique ideas popping up all over. Here at LondonNet, we like new ideas, which is why we employ interns.

Instead of pushing paper, sharpening your stapling skills, or dancing with the copier, you could be working on things that actually matter for your career. Like reporting on the wide array of arts & entertainment happenings all through out London. Our interns review films, clubs and theatre. They tease out quotes from some of London's most famous bartenders, and they report on the basics of whiskey tasting.

Our interns get experience doing the following:

  • Getting published in a longstanding London website
  • Source reporting
  • News writing
  • Critical commentary, in arts & entertainment
  • Photojournalism
  • Copyediting
  • Working closely alongside an editorial team
  • Creating and executing story concepts, ideas and applications
  • Wow. Yeah. Lots of things to do, none of which include the words 'memo' or 'Tippex'. We consider this a large achievement, and we hope our interns appreciate it, too.

    Not Just Anyone:

    We don't take just any old poor soul, however. Our interns come from some of the best universities, both in the UK and abroad, and are nearing the end of their media or journalism coursework. They are irrepressible self-starters, brimming with ideas and excitement about living in the Big Smoke. More than this, they are social creatures, professional, and have a vested interest in some facet of arts & entertainment. Usually, their interest verges on obsession.

    More specifically, we look for students who have the following skills & experience:

  • In the midst of a media, communications, journalism or other written-arts BA or Graduate programme (withholding coordinator's discretion), at an accredited university, preferably in Junior or Senior standing
  • Substantial experience reporting or editing for a media outlet
  • Able to write well, efficiently and with personal flavour, under deadline and within house style specifications
  • Wide range of interests and life-experiences; able to adjust quickly to a new cultural and social environment
  • Highly self-motivated and communicative
  • Interest in the arts community, including fine arts, theatre, film, food & wine, clubs, etc
  • Personal interest and excitement in exploring the wide variety of experiences that come with living in London
  • Bigger Things, Ahead:

    Sure, we like our interns. Sometimes so much that we'd prefer to keep them forever under the LondonNet wing. People move on, however, and we understand. We want big things in our interns' future, which is why we've created an internship programme that includes more than just a desk with a computer on it. We want them to experience London, enjoy it, and leave with both professional and life skills that will help them in the future. But don't just listen to us drone on and on -
    Hear it from them:

    "Being an intern at LondonNet affords the opportunity to get to know London outside of the realm of being a tourist. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to see all parts of London while out on reviews, and doing it for free is obviously a plus. It has also given me a chance to broaden my mind, delving into a vast range of topics to review. From whiskey tasting, tattoo parlours, and theatre productions, the wealth of choices available is amazing. Overall, being an intern at LondonNet has proved to be a mostly stress-free, fruitful journey."

    - Brandon Morgan, University of Missouri-Columbia

    "Wow! Londonnet is absolutely the best place to work! But seriously, it's pretty cool. It's a great place to start an arts and entertainment career - they have connections to every sector of the industry. Restaurants, bars, clubs, theatre, movies, music, galleries...if you can think of it, the Londonnet moniker attached to your email address can probably get you in. Of course, it also takes a lot of hard work, advertising yourself, and endless "chasing" of PR people - but that's just business, baby. You gain invaluable knowledge in managing London transportation, writing, various entertainment mediums and working with a team. Being in London, there's no better place to live this kind of life. Londonnet, being a top hit on Google, makes it a pretty sweet place to visit when you're surfing on the web."

    - Jackie Jou, University of California-Los Angeles

    And How:

    Alright. So, you have the general information. If you're interested in more details, however (like when and how long our internships go on, what kind of hours our interns work, and other fiddly bits), you can send an email to the following address:

    Note: Due to the high number of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted.

    Please note:

  • You must be eligible to work in the United Kingdom, either by Work Permit or Student Visa
  • Due to the high number of applicants and emails we get, we cannot respond to every email
  • Due to nature of the work assignments, interns must live within London Zone 6