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Film That Never Was Made Me Fat, Says Janet Jackson
- But boyfriend still loves her

JANET JACKSON has blamed a film for getting fat.

The singer, who has been pictured in recent months looking very plump, claims she had to put on weight for a role in upcoming movie Tennessee, but later pulled out of the project to concentrate on her new album.

She said: "The producers wanted to see me in a different light, as a heavier woman.

"The timing didn't quite work with trying to finish my album, and unfortunately I wasn't able to do the film. So I found myself having to take this weight off a lot quicker than I had planned."

After the 40-year-old singer quit the project, filmmakers handed the role to Mariah Carey.

Jackson - who at her heaviest weighed 180 pounds - claims her long-time boyfriend, music producer Jermaine Dupri, is a fan of her fuller figure.

She revealed in an interview with AP: "I've never had someone love me for me, so unconditionally. He loves me regardless of my size. He was never any different toward me."

However, the singer - who has now slimmed back down to her normal weight - admits not everyone was as keen on her large look.

She added: "People didn't treat me differently to my face, but I'm sure they had their whispers behind my back. But I didn't feel bad about myself at all. It was part of my job."

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