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DJ PROFILE: Toni Tsigos

London house music DJ Toni Tsigos here enjoying the sunshine of the French Riviera
LondonNet's Peter D. Clee recently caught up with Greek DJ Toni Tsigos.

He's a frequent visitor to London, both for one-off club sets and the odd residence.

Here the House and Good Times specialist talks about sunny times in Greece and a long summer of gigging around the Riviera.

To email Toni about bookings for a London (or other) set/residency click here

Peter D. Clee - So Toni, how did a humble Greek boy get to be a God of House?
Toni Tsigos - If you love music like me, it's easy, this is my life...

P.D.C. : What do you miss most about Greece when you’re touring?
T.T. - The Greek sun, the Islands (Mykonos, Santorini, Crete) and my family. Thats all!!

P.D.C. : You’re a frequent visitor to our great city. From a European perspective how important is London in the world house scene?
T.T. - It's number one in Europe, if you want in all the world, the center of music is london.

P.D.C. - What’s your favourite thing to do in London when you’re not spinning the decks?
T.T. - First to go to Virgin Megastore to find new CD's. Also for shopping and going round and round to all the clubs and bars.

P.D.C. - Toni, I know you do a lot of travelling elsewhere around Europe spreading the house music vibe. Tell us about some of the venues and cities you’ve been to this year?
T.T. - This year I've played in Mallaga, Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez and Monte Carlo.

P.D.C. - And which was your favourite night?
T.T. - All the nights - it's all the same for me.

P.D.C. - I know we both share a big passion for Cannes, France, in particular the legendary 4U venue where you host a regular slot.
T.T. - 4U in Cannes is not only my love it is my life. You know I have played in eighteen city's in Europe over the last last fifteen years- but 4U, Cannes is my life!

P.D.C. - I remember well you introducing me to Parisian Bob Sinclar’s excellent Love Generation earlier this summer, months before it broke in the UK. What makes the French House scene exciting and innovative?
T.T. - I'm not sure that French House is so exciting. The reason this time is simple, in France there are many good DJ's, but only two or three of them really know how to make a song good! You know what I mean?
Bob sinclair is in my opinion the most important mix-DJ- (he know's how to fix a song). Also good are Antoine Clamaran and D.Guietta. These DJ's are the most important and not only in France. They are not only DJ's, but producers also!

P.D.C. - From my point of view this has been a great year for House tunes and dance music generally. What are your dance floor classics from 2005?
T.T. - 1) Bob Sinclar - Love Generation, 2) Tom Novy - Your Body, 3) All the Raggaetone songs!! (the new style of music).

P.D.C. Where do you see house and dance music going in 2006?
T.T. - Up up to the sky!!!

P.D.C. Any other thoughts for 2006?
T.T. - The New Year I think is difficult for all the world, but music never stops connecting people.

December 2005

To email Toni about bookings for a London (or other) set/residency click here

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