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London dance music DJ David King out feeding his record habit

Here LondonNet's Peter D. Clee talks to one of London's leading DJs, Dave King, about the capital's dance scene.

Dave's has been a stalwart of all that moves and grooves in our great city for many a year. Based in oh-so-cool Notting Hill he's a passionate advocate for London and all the House and Tech beats it's created over the years.

To email Dave about bookings for a London (or other) set/residency click here

Peter D. Clee - Dave, it's nice to catch up with you again. We've known each other a few years now and it's fair to say you've been one of my biggest influences in dance. What's your secret?
Dave King
- There's no secret really, I just love the music, people, the vibe everything I do is done out of pure pleasure really. I'm in love with the music.

P.D.C.: You spend lots of time hanging out in some of London's coolest record stores. Can you let our readers know which are the hottest places to browse about in at the moment?
Well let me think - I would have to say my favorite is Rough Tade, it offers such a diverse range of music, I often feel like a kid in a sweet shop...he-he

P.D.C. You're right Dave, Rough Trade has been at the top for such a long time. Where else do you go in town?
Another favorite of mine is Fonica in Soho, If you want cutting edge that's were you go, love it!

P.D.C.: So what are the hottest tracks to get hold right now?

- John Tejada - The end of it all (Wordandsound Records) BLINDING TUNE!
- Stick Figures - Useless (Wordandsound Records)
- Bloc Party - Helicopter

P.D.C.: Although your playlist centre on Deep House, Electro Tech and Tech House you like to drop in the odd eclectic track too. For example you recently played HiFi, Killers and Scissor Sisters at a gig, if I remember right. Does this mix reflect the diversity of the London dance scene as a whole?
Of course I'd say the london dance scene is on of the most diverse in the world, no limits no boundary as to what you can play. My motto is if it sounds good, Mix it all up!

P.D.C.: You're a big time advocate of sticking to the decks. While I know you are no technophobe, is vinyl still the best way to 'keep it real'?
I'd say " Horses for courses" - I feel that there is a more personal hands on approach with vinyl. LONG LIVE VINYL!

P.D.C. : I can't think of a better event to sum up the spirit of London than the Notting Hill Carnival each August. After a hard day's dancing in the street I'm lucky enough to be able to head off to one of the legendary parties that you perform at. What have you planned for this year's late summer madness?
I've got my hands in a few pies, but I'm most excited about playing at a secret London location, yet to be confirmed.

P.D.C. You'll be letting the merry folk at LondonNet in on the secret though yes?
Yeah of course Pete but just for you.

P.D.C. : I hear you have a new project to promote some of the best emerging DJ talent in the capital. What's this all about and how can clubs and promoters get involved in it, both here and farther afield?
I've just started up my own dj agency, "The Whole Shabang". I'd say I have some of the best up and coming underground dj's to offer on my books.

P.D.C. What's the reaction been like so far to the project?
Its been very positive, Im absolutely flying, fingers up for next year.

P.D.C. How do you work with promoters and venues to make sure you get the right team for the right event?
Pete, If you want a the best tailored made suit in London you go to Saville Row, If you want the best tailored night out in London you go to "The Whole Shabang"

P.D.C.: And finally, there's a limit to how much time any man can spend spinning the decks. When you get time out from your hectic schedule what do you do to relax in the capital?
My first addiction is music, so when Im not feeding my habit, you can usually find me down Portabello Rd trying out the local cuisine.

To email Dave about bookings for a London (or other) set/residency click here

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