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Use your business’s iPad to collect email addresses, Facebook Likes, or any information needed.

Collect any information you need.

Customizable To Fit Your Business.

Designed for Retail Stores, Restaurants, Athletic Clubs, Healthcare Facilities, Events, Trade Shows, or any business.

Customizable to fit your business.

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Collect anything your business needs with a tablet:

  • • Email Addresses
  • • Facebook Likes
  • • Twitter Followers
  • • Survey Data
  • • Contact Information
  • • Customer Reviews
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Even more ways to collect the information you need.

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Use the OnSpot Social app at any location to significantly enhance your data collection and marketing campaigns.

Even more ways to collect the information you need.

iPad App For Data Collection & On-Location Marketing

Choose a Data Collection Solution For Your Business

Email & Data Collection

Collect data digitally and stop using pen & paper forms.

Social Signups

App collects Facebook Likes and Twitter Follows.

Brand Promotion

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App includes customizable digital signage, messaging, and graphics.

Use Your iPad with the OnSpot Social App.

In Your Business

Stores, restaurants, offices, colleges, and more.

At Events

Trade shows, conferences, community events.

In The Field

Client meetings, off-site visits, sales calls.

Our Integration Partners


Brands We Work With

How can I use OnSpot Social for my business? See how our customers are using the app.