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Ironclad calendar coordination: Never let another client fall through the cracks, miss a beat, or lose a booking.

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Gain an instant professional edge & be able to compete with the big guys — no matter how small your business.

Appointment Calendar

Nix embarrassing scheduling

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Your information stays secure and private

Be in full control of
your availability, 24/7—literally.

Calendar syncing

Collect everything you need to know about a client as soon as they book.

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See a snapshot of your revenue,

Customize everything

to match the existing look & feel of your business

Embed your calendar

Easily share

your calendar via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email

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Feel confident

knowing client information is 100% private, in accordance with HIPAA

Sell gift certificates

set up packages, and even give group classes—all from inside Acuity

“The 2-way sync, timezone conversion, multiple appointment booking, multiple calendars/users, customization settings, and billing integration (to name a few) are all amazing features of this product that others simply lack. The superhuman support they provide continues to prove a happy and unexpected bonus.”
Jared Matthew Weiss, Overture

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