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Sun Java™ System Web Server 7.0 is a high performance, massively scalable and secure web server that delivers dynamic and static content. Domain virtualization, configuration versatility, and robust security features provide a better quality of service.


Scalability and Performance
Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 is a multithreaded, multiprocess application that can be run in either 32-bit or 64-bit mode, delivering high performance for dynamic and secure content and superior scalability of more than 100,000 simultaneous connections on multicore, Chip Multithreading (CMT) systems.

Server Administration
The administration interface allows fine control over virtual servers, quick access to frequently used tasks, and integrated cluster management without sacrificing ease-of-use from a browser based or a command-line based interface. The command-line interface is comprehensive, secure and scriptable and can be operated remotely. The JMX-based management infrastructure and N1 Service Provisioning Service (SPS) allows distributed deployments with real time monitoring and life cycle management across web server farms. Most common administration tasks on processes without requiring restarts.

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Cluster Support

Built in cluster support allows monitoring and administration of clusters of Web Servers, peer-to-peer in-memory Java session replication.

Versatile Pattern Matching
Full regular expression support allows for versatile processing of requests based upon patterns, numerous environment variables, masking of complex application URIs, and mass hosting environments.

Java Web Container and Session Failover
A high-performance, in-process Java EE 5 compliant implementation of Java Servlets 2.5, JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.1, JavaServer Faces (JSF) 1.2, JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library) 1.2, Java Web Services Developer Pack (JWSDP) 2.0 and OASIS Message Security and more. Lightweight session failover via in-memory, secure data replication provides session persistence over server restarts. Integration with NetBeans 5, Java Studio Enterprise 8.1 and Creator Developer Tools makes it easy top develop, debug and deploy your Java web applications.

WebDAV Publishing and File Management
WebDAV support allows easy management and publishing of content to the Web Server using industry standard tools. Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 supports native Access Control Lists (ACLs) in addition to WebDAV ACLs in conjunction with WebDAV.

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HTTP Compression
Compressing data before it is sent to user-agents enables administrators to conserve bandwidth and improve the performance of their site. Data can be compressed by MIME type, path, client, user-agent, and more.

Automatic Method Correction
When user-agents accidentally provide URLs indicating an unsecured connection to a port number configured for encryption, they are automatically redirected to the correct URL method for that port.


Virtual Server Support
Thousands of domains can be served from a single Web Server process. Each virtual server can have its own IP address, port, document root, preferences, log files, and more.

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Content Filters
NSAPI Filters allow developers and administrators to use application logic to modify request and response and response headers and payload in real time.

Data Encryption and Security
Resources can be secured with advanced Access Control Lists (ACLs), built-in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) with flexible schema support, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) v2 & v3, Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and leading edge Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). Key sizes up to 4k can be used, and self-signed certificates can be easily generated. Integration with Solaris 10 Cryptographic Framework allows use of capabilities such as the Niagara Cryptographic Framework (NCP). Support for installation of certificates and keys stored in JKS format allows easy certificate and key sharing. Dynamic updating of Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) allows PKI management to be combined with high service availability requirements.

Protection From Common Threats
Built-in protection from common attacks including Cross Site Scripting, distributed request attacks against URIs, and excessive requests from IP addresses.

Integrated Search Engine
The built-in search engine provides a powerful out-of-the-box search solution for common document types.

Integrated Reverse Proxy
Fully integrated Reverse Proxy User-Agent allows Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 to act as the HTTP end-point for third-party HTTP origin servers including all popular application servers.

FastCGI Support
Support for the FastCGI protocol provides an efficient way to use third-party technologies in an out-of-process configuration. FastCGI is commonly used to execute third-party code without incurring a significant performance penalty.

Robust Migration Tool
The integrated migration tools make it easy to migrate existing Sun Java System Web Server 6.x server configurations.

Documentation and Useful Links
Product Documentation contains Web Server release notes, programmer's guides, and the installation and administration guides.

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Sun Java System Web Server Web Page is the place to find product updates, specials and promotions, add-ons, and information about partners.

The Sun Developer Network contains valuable information for developers about all Sun products and technologies. Look for the latest developments and technologies from Sun.

Contact Sales to purchase licenses, technical support contracts, and media kits.

Contact Technical Support for assistance using the Sun Java System Web Server 7.0.

The Sun Java System Web Server community forum is a public gathering place for users and developers of the Sun Java System Web Server.

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