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The World Unseen

World Cinema - London Film Festival 2007

Yes, the rest of the world has a cinematic voice, and it often times speaks a little differently than our plethora of Hollywood films. Bask in the diversity, as World Cinema brings movies from India, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and scads more.

Here are the films:

3 Days to Forever
A taboo-breaking, hedonistic road movie from Indonesia.

Bad Habits
Atmospheric Mexican feature on food and its associated anxieties.

El baņo del Papa
Elegantly crafted tale of the frenzy that ensues when the Pope comes to visit.

Black White + Gray: Portrait of Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe
New York, its art world, and being gay in the city from the 50s to the 80s.

The Champagne Spy
Stylish documentary devoted to an undercover Israeli Intelligence Agent.

Chop Shop
Hopeful and heartbreaking second feature from the director of Man Push Cart.

Desert Dream
Touching story of an exiled woman and a determined man.

Does Your Soul Have a Cold?
Five Tokyo depressives turn to American drugs companies for their salvation.

DOL - The Valley of Tambourines
Exquisitely shot tale of a groom on-the-run through the Kurdish mountains.

EXTE - hair extensions
An off-the-wall comedy horror featuring murderous hair extensions.

A shocking account of child exploitation in Africa.

Fay Grim
Parker Posey and Jeff Goldblum in Hal Hartley's return to the tale of Henry Fool.

Foster Child
A timely chronicle of the adoption of an Asian child by north American parents.

Four Women
A quartet of emotional stories exploring the plight of Keralan women.

Simple but powerful human story set in the Himalayas.

The Great World of Sound
Appealingly modest and astutely observed study of fame-obsessed culture.

Hannah Takes the Stairs
Lackadaisical and charming tale of an aspiring young playwright.

I Just Didn't Do It
An angry and impassioned drama of Japanese legal hypocracy.

The winner of Camera d'Or at Cannes: a story of love, affection and happiness.

The Last Lear
Shakespeare revisited: a comment on an Indian-English relationship.

Let's Finish!!!
Suicide-pact web-buddies meet in a Korean road movie with a twist.

Ma Wu Jia
A morally challenging tale of a boy who makes enormous sacrifices for his sick brother.

An inspiring family film from India: Some flowers blossom late!

The Matsugane Potshot Affair
A wonderful black comedy and one of the best Japanese films of the year.

Mid-Afternoon Barks
A quietly rapturous debut feature in three parts...

The Mourning Forest
A touching story of a friendship between a young woman and an old man suffering from dementia.

A lyrical account of a friendship and first love between two Malaysian teenagers.

An exquisitely delicate story of a young boy's search for his father's killer.

Sandra Kogut's adaptation of the famous Brazilian novel Campo.

Night Train
One of the frankest Chinese movies ever made about sexual desire, guilt and submission.

No Mercy for the Rude
A Korean debut fantasy telling of a hitman with a moral code...

El Otro
A must-see for fans of the new Argentine cinema.

One of the sexiest and most sardonic movies of the year.

Winner of the Best Indigenous Film at the African Academy Awards 2006.

Eastern philosophy, sexual desire and... art restoration.

Secret Sunshine
A devastating account of a woman's mental turmoil.

A quirky take on the film industry, set in Buenos Aires.

State Legislature
Individuals and institutions: democracy in action.

The Thread of Life
A colourful, fun and charming family animation from Syria.

Tuya's Marriage
A gentle and sophisticated drama about a married woman who faces a difficult decision.

The Unforeseen
This debut documentary takes a refreshingly lyrical approach to an urgent issue.

UPA! An Argentine Film
A highly distinctive and often very funny debut feature...

A vividly-rendered Anime fantasy.

The Voyeurs
Master filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta produces his most comic film so far.

The World Unseen
Two Indian women find life-changing friendship in 50s apartheid South Africa.

Wu Yong
An elegant portrait of a Chinese fashion designer and her struggle with the mass market.

Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox
A fun, exciting and beautifully animated fantasy from South Korea.

A controversial and provocative insight into bestiality.