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Film on the Square - London Film Festival 2007

Give 'em a big screen, because films like these require no less. Crossing the world and meeting up with pimps, estate agents and Matt Dillon, Films On The Square are both good fun and good for the heart.

Here are the films:

A grandmother's search for her grandson is a lyrical anti-war statement.

Fame, romance and wealth: Ozon adapts and directs Elizabeth Taylor's novel.

The Band's Visit
A farce: an Egyptian police band performs in an Arab cultural centre.

The Banishment
Scenes from a marriage: the tragic consequences of a wife's confession.

Waxing legs with caramel in a Lebanese beauty salon.

Love and corruption in the city of Cairo.

City of Men
A lifelong friendship is threatened on the gritty streets of Rio.

Closing the Ring
Richard Attenborough directs Shirley MacLaine in a love story.

The Cool School
Hip art documentary on the 50s and early 60s LA art scene.

Don't Touch the Axe
Depardieu and Piccoli star in Rivette's adaptation of Balzac's novel.

The Edge of Heaven
Fassbinder-inspired social drama with an outstanding character development.

A romantic, Disney-inspired modern-day fairy tale set in Manhattan.

A terrifying modern apocalypse inspired by the Old Testament.

Far North
The arctic tundra: two women's lives are affected by the arrival of a man.

Flight of the Red Balloon
Juliette Binoche as a lone parent struggling to maintain emotional stability.

Funny Games
Naomi Watts stars in the American version of Haneke's terrifying psychological thriller.

A story of alienation and the need for acceptance set in modern Ireland.

Glory to the Filmmaker!
A creative odyssey of various film genres from 'Beat' Takeshi.

Grace is Gone
John Cusack is Stanley, a man who refuses to accept the death of his wife.

Import Export
Docu-drama: an ironic look at inter-European migration.

Steve Buscemi's homage to murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

The Last Mistress
A ferocious feminist revision of the myth of the femme fatale.

Mister Lonely
Marilyn Monroe takes Michael Jackson to a secluded Scottish commune for lookalikes.

My Brother Is an Only Child
Two brothers, diametrically opposed... can their bond survive?

My Kid Could Paint That
A child painter follows in the footsteps of Kandinsky, Picasso and the like.

An animated critique of Iran's totalitarian regime.

Planet Terror
Zombies, blood, go-go dancers and... barbecue sauce.

A terrifying testimony on human nature, war and the power of the media.

Rescue Dawn
Patriotic American Christian Bale inspires hope in a Vietnamese POW camp.

Reservation Road
A powerful drama about parenthood, guilt and loss in Connecticut.

Savage Grace
Crime, mental illness and passion lead to tragedy.

The Savages
A father, son and daughter struggle to maintain a good relationship.

Shotgun Stories
Arkansas-set tale of three brothers drawn into a family feud.

Son of Rambow: A Home Movie
Growing up in 1980s England: an escape into fantasy.

Summer Rain
Spain after Franco: three men's lives embody the nation's political transition.

Surprise Film
Take a chance with this ever popular mystery film.

Talk to Me
An ex-convict and drug addict becomes a celebrity in 1960s America.

You, the Living
Is this portrayal of modern multi-cultural society the funniest film of the festival?