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European Breaks

The Hempel, LondonEuropean Hotels
Stanhope Hotel, Brussels
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Bargain breaks to Romantic European Cities
- Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, etc (more...)
Luxury Cannes Apartment
- Harbour views, central Cannes location, duplex apartment, sleeps 4, weekly lets available (more...)
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Friends Forever

Short Cuts and Animation - London Film Festival 2007

If you have an attention span the size of - oops, lost you already. Oh, well. At least you're probably headed down to buy tickets for the Short Cuts & Animation, which will leave you happy and fulfilled instead of kicking the seats in front of you, asleep, or peeling the nailpolish off your toenails.

Here are the films:

Animated Shorts for Younger Audiences
A selection of short animated films from international artists.

Death to Short Film 2
Short films that break rules and take chances!

Global Journeys in the 21st Century
A selection of short films from all over the world.

International Animation Panorama
An assortment of short animated films from international artists.

London Calling
A selection of short films from London's new and promising directors.

Me & You. You & Me.
An assortment of short films preoccupied with relationships.

Mondo Mayhem
Surreal, quirky and eccentric: a delightful mixture of international short films.

Power, Corruption & Lies
A selection of short films dealing with lies and deception.

TCM Classic Shorts Competition Finalists
Shortlisted short films for the prestigious TCM prize.

Who Are You
Tragic and hilarious short films on the theme of identity.