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London Film Festival 2006

Experimenta - London Film Festival 2006

Whoah, there, arty! You don't have to patronise Hollywood! You can get your fill of the surreal, avante-garde and um, whatever else your wide-rimmed mind can fathom in the LFF's Experimenta films. May the force be with you...

Here are the films:
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  • Across The Valley (UK 2006)
  • And We All Shine On (USA 2006)
  • Anger Me (Canada 2006)
  • Blah Blah Blah (Austria 2006)
  • Blocking (Argentina 2005)
  • Colossal Youth (Portugal-France-Switzerland 2006)
  • Contemplating The City (USA 2005)
  • The Counter Girl Trilogy (USA 2006)
  • The Devil’s Helper (USA 1986)
  • Fireworks (USA 1947)
  • Jack Smith & The Destruction of Atlantis (USA 2006)
  • Kolkata (USA 2005)
  • Kristall (Germany 2006)
  • Krypton Is Doomed (USA 2005)
  • Kustom Kar Kommandos (USA 1965)
  • Let There Be Whistleblowers (USA 2005)
  • Muriel’s Song (USA 2006)
  • Olympics 2005 Track and Field (USA 2005)
  • One Way Boogie Woogie/27 Years Later (USA 2005)
  • The Other Side (USA 2006)
  • Pink Christmas (USA 1993)
  • Proprio Aperto (Germany 2005)
  • Rabbit’s Moon (USA-France 1950-71)
  • Running Stumbled (USA 2006)
  • Same Day Nice Biscotts (USA 2005)
  • Scorpio Rising (USA 1963)
  • Shadow of the Hatchet Man (USA 1982)
  • Song and Solitude (USA 2006)
  • Star Appeal (China 2005)
  • Surfacing (Canada 2005)
  • Sweet nightingale (Russia 2005)
  • This Is My Land (UK 2006)
  • Unfinished Passages (Canada 2005)
  • Untitled (for David Gatten)(USA 2005)
  • Wild Tigers I Have Known (USA 2005)
  • Withered in a Blooming Season (China 2006)

    Main Menu:

    French Revolutions Cinema Europa
    Carole Bouquet in Aurore. Studio: France Televisions Dark Blue Almost Black. Tesela P.C.
    World Cinema Short Cuts and Animation
    The Masseur. Directed by Brillante Mendoza Rabbits and Bears. Directed by Hyo-Jeong Kim
    Experimenta Treasures from the Archives
    Wild Tigers I Have Known. Directed by Cam Archer The Tower of Silence (Der Turm des Schweigens). Directed by Dr Johannes Guter
    Galas and Special Screenings Film on the Square
    Climates (Iklimler). Directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan Princess. Directed by Anders Morgenthaler
    New British Cinema Opening and Closing Nights
    Black Gold. Directed by Marc Francis, Nick Francis Brad Pitt in Babel. Paramount Pictures and Paramount Classics present an Anonymous Content production, an Una produccion de Zeta Film, and a Central Films production. Written by Guillermo Arriaga. Directed and produced by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu. Photo Credit: Murray Close

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