Scientists to invent a laser that can erase Branislav Ivanovic

There's a line from the song Mississippi where Bob Dylan laments the "so many things that we never will undo", a sentiment everyone must feel at some point, like last night when I chucked beer all over the TV after Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic scored his team's winning goal.

But now, from the world of science, there's hope that we will be able to undo those moments of madness, starting off with things we write.

Brain-boxes at Cambridge University's Low Carbon Materials Processing Group have discovered that "with the right laser, it is possible to remove toner from paper to enable its re-use".

Great for the environment and great for bad proof-readers, obviously, but also great for the good people of the future.

If there's a "right laser" to remove toner, it stands to reason there must be a right laser to blitz anything else, so poor old crazy boxer Derek 'looking back, it would have been better had I stayed at home' Chisora would get his wish and erase those unfortunate happenings in Germany and I would have a clean TV and a full glass of Tyskie. Even better if someone had pointed the relevant laser at Branislav Ivanovic and wiped out his goal, though.