How to stick to New Year’s Resolutions with help from the Celebrities

The first trick to New Year's resolutions is to pick something that's easy to achieve. That way you look humble in your ambition and feel good in its quick realisation.

Rihanna, for example, has pledged "to find a new boyfriend" in 2012. Probably not an insurmountable task for a beautiful multi-millionaire. Similarly, Kim Kardashian doesn't appear to have set the bar too high with her resolve to "be more simple" in 2012. On second thoughts, fair play, that might prove to be a big ask.

If you can't think of an easy target, the next best ploy is to go for a cryptic one that nobody can hold you to and the winner in this category for 2012 is Lady Gaga, who aims to "never be afraid to be kicked in the teeth and let the blood and the bruises define your legacy".

Er, yeah, and so say all of us, though Gaga looks to have made the classic blunder of taking herself too literally, leaving behind an unexplained red-liquid mess in a London hotel room.

The key thing is to avoid what the experts call 'resolution over-reach'. The nation's children stand accused of this pride-before-a-fall crime, as 45% of them promise to "get good marks at school" and another deluded 33% say they will "be nicer to parents and help around the house". Bless.

Sadly, sweet innocence is no excuse for adults, such as London Mayor Boris Johnson, whose hubristic New Year's resolution is "to deliver a truly epic Olympic and Paralympic Games". Those Games are in August and Johnson faces re-election in May.