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Letters following the death of HM The Queen Mother, 30 March 2002
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HM The Queen Mother, 1900-2002:
Letters of condolence from LondonNet readers

The Queen Mother2/4/2002
Below is a selection of the condolence messages we have received following the death of HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother on Saturday 30 March 2002.

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I think the Queen Mothers death is a great loss to the Royal Family and to
the nation. I for one will miss her presence.

Gerry Lowe

For giving your family and your nation so much to be proud of and cheerful

We celebrate your life.

God Bless you.

Tracy Lyons

Dear Londonnet,

I'm totally devastated at the Queen Mum's death. To me she was an ikon;
someone I looked up to and revered and whom I somehow expected to live
forever. The world will be the poorer for her passing.

My sincere condolences to Her Majesty, the Queen; to lose one's sister and
mother in the space of two short months must be a terrible cross to bear.
Also to Prince Charles whose love for his grandmother was all-encompassing.
I wish him strength to get through this and best wishes for the future.

I am an ex-pat living in South Africa but am a Royalist through and through.
The Queen Mum is dead. Long live the Queen!

Sally Chown
S. Africa

Hi there,
I remember back in 1997 when Princess Diana left us but when the queen mum passed away a few days ago I was also saddened. Sure it was not nowhere the impact of Diana's death due to the fact of the queen mums age of 101 years. Nobody lives forever but to your people, that was your idol. Back in World War II she was a big factor keeping your people's morale high despite the massive bombing of London by the Germans. She did a big favor for your people staying there in your country instead of fleeing for safety out of harms way. Let's keep the queen mum in our hearts forever. Gary, El Paso Texas

Condolences from Canada

We are sad at the passing of a venerable lady .Our deepest sympathies .Cheri Riddell

P.S. I am in the publishing business, as well.

HM the Queen Mum

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of HM the Queen
Mother as I watched BBC America.

She was the one royal that seemed to be truly admired by all of her
subjects and those of us who love all things British like myself, as
well as many around the world.

When I read years ago of how she refused to leave the King in London
during World War 2 , that is when my admiration for her began. She
and my great grandmother so resembled each other that they could have
been sisters.

My thoughts are with the Queen at this time. She has lost her mother so
very soon after the death of her sister that I know it must be very
difficult for her, as well as all of the royal family.

Myself and 6 family members visited London for 5 days. We arrived in
August just a few days past the 100th birthday of the Queen Mum. We
missed the celebration, however all we talked to had great admiration
for her. She was truly a legend.

Karen Risher
Pickerington, Ohio, USA


We send our sympathy to the Royal Family at the time of Queen Mother's passing to her eternal rest. A brave, spirited soul, she won the hearts of Canadians. Her image of a stately, regal Centenarrian stays with us as an inspiration to live life fully. God bless her memory and be with her dear ones at this time.

Ted and Janet Chell, Winnipeg, Manitoba


She was a Mother, a wife and a Queen but more than that she was a symbol to the world. She was a loyal Royal who never waivered in her duty and love of her country. She was the symbol for the world to see and to live by the credo that ''to whom much is given, much is expected, in return."
God granted her a long and vibrant life filled with much joy and sadness but through it all she remained that symbol of strength and respectability, gentle kindness and strength of character. She was above all a rare human being and above all she was a GREAT WOMAN!

What a joy it was to have her in our lives for so long. We could all learn lessons in character from her.

Our hearts go out to the British people and Queen Elizabeth II and her family. Her mother was loved by us all, around the world. May she rest in peace.

Bonnie Christofilis

Queen Mum

All my life we have had the Queen Mum, I have lived through the reigns of George V, Edward VIII,George VI and the present Monarch Elizabeth II. and their consorts.

The Queen Mum was a tremendous person not just for her own family who she cared for so deeply but for the entire commonwealth, for example her nonchallent walks among the people, her bravery in war was superb in both the big ones and nobody who lived through those times will ever forget her choosing to stay in Buckingham Palace during the blitz. a truly magnificent gesture, then afterward when all the shooting was over and her husband dead, serenely stepped aside and her daughter took the throne.

We will miss you, Queen Mum, but there will always be memories of you in all of us from the grand example you set.

God Bless You and may you rest in piece.


She was a Lady

Oscar Thompson


My sincere sympathy to the present Queen Elizabeth and her family on the
passing of The Queen Mother. She was the epitome of royalty and I will miss
seeing the beautiful twinkle in her eye along with all those wonderful hats
--- each one to match the outfit! She lived a long and beautiful life and
was certainly a national treasure. Her spirit will forever be felt. With
friendship, understanding, and love to a great country on the loss of this
wonderful woman.

Marylu Kramer

Dear sir

From the bottom of my heart, I do sincerely miss her

queen mother is now in the hand of gracious god's hand to have a
peaceful and glorious sleep with awesome award as it was shown on the

When I lived in london couple of years age, her image and feature always relived inside me with mother nature's graciousness and harmoniousness.

Since I got back to my country here in korea, I couldn't have any chance to hear about her quite often, I eagerly prayed for her good health and Queen and royal family's sustainable healthiness.

In a modern society like now, British Royal family is not only for british but for all human kind who got greatly influenced by through the history. Quite unfortunately, Some of royal unhappiness of recent years just made this world so rousy and deplore or depressed.

Be healthy royal family for this world to be healthy and
Have a sound sleep My dear Queen mother !

I do greatly miss you from the bottom of my heart.

A gentleman from Korea who loves britain and british royal family with
countless affection.


To all of the Wonderful British People,
You have my deepest condolences at the loss of this wonderful lady. She was a great representative of the British Monarchy. She showed her true colors during the harrowing days of WWII when she refused to leave London and was the voice of encouragement and patriotism for all of the English people.
Roseann Warden
Ohio - USA

Condolences from Italy.

I'm still living in Italy, my country, but I've been planning to be based in
London; that's why I feel closer than an italian citizen is supposed to.
Though we accept the hand of God, it's surely a big loss, as big as strong
are your traditions.

Kind regards. Alessandro d'Ausilio.

Her Majesty the Queen,
My heart felt condolences to you,your majesty.
Dr R Sakamuri

North Wales

God Bless England!!!

As a great admirer of your country and it's monarchy, I share your loss in the death of HM Queen Mother. I always had great admiration for the Queen Mum -
everytime I saw her picture.... you could see that little twinkle in her eye and her
sweet smile!

What a great loss for England and the Royal

May God be with her always!!

Ron Shestokes
Torrance, CA., USA

I, too, was sorry to hear of the death of the "Queen Mum", if I may be so bold to address her thusly.

I have visited England 11 times and have been impressed by the feelings the English people have for the royal family. I enjoy the pageantry related to royal events. My ancestors came from Kidderminister and I enjoyed visiting there on one of my visits.

Most people with whom I talked on my visits spoke fondly Of the Queen and the Queen Mother. I am disappointed that the American Press just does not seem to understand the British feelings towards the monarchy.

I express my sympathy to all the British people and to all those effected by this loss.

Richard H. Fidler

Blind, Bucknellian, retired Mathematics teacher, classical music lover, world traveler, gourmet


My family says that my Mother looks very much like Queen Elizabeth II.

Condolences for the Royal Family

Just a brief note to express condolences for the Royals. The beauty of L"IF"E is that it is full of "if's." IF we only had done this...or, IF only we had done that. I suspect the Queen Mother fulfilled many, if not all of life's "IF''s" during her privileged existence on this earth. To live to be 101 years old is more than anyone could expect or hope for. She was truly blessed. Her life and homegoing should be celebrated in the spirit of happiness and love.

Best wishes to you and yours,

Carole Willis

Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.A.)

HRH Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

Our family want to take a moment to tell you that we, too, have been touched
by the passing of the Queen Mother.

We've regarded the Queen Mother as a woman who has consistently demonstrated
character, dignity, and warmth during a long life with no lack of trying

It may not be evident from there, but it's clear here that there are a lot
of Americans who are mourning with the British today.

Geoffrey, Valerie, Andrew, Sarah, and Matthew Langlois
Madison, Wisconsin

Queen Mum

No matter what age a person is, the passing of someone of kindness and
character touches us all.

Let us remember that all other things aside, she was a beloved mother,
grandmother and great-grandmother. May her family find comfort knowing that
she was loved and appreciated around the world.

My heartfelt condolences from an American to all of the Royal Family, and to
everyone in your country.

Canadians mourn

Canada is in mourning too.The Queen Mum was such a fine example for Great Britain the world over!

The Watsons of Ontario Canada

This is a sad very day. We have lost one of the greatest ladies of our time. Our hearts are with the Royal Family
at this tragic time.

John Young
Toronto, Canada.

Just wanted to say my thoughts are with you all, even though im in America, I admired the queen mum so much, she will be in my thoughts, always...michael...

She was a MUM for all of us and everyone should write her name in capital
We'll never forget you, QUEEN MUM.
Reinhard Rokitta & family, Bnde (Germany)

Her Passing

My Father was in the RoyalNavy during WW2 based out of Portsmouth.
He saluted her then and he would salute her now.

His Son

Queen Mum

The royal mom was such a wonderful elegant person .We mourn deeply with the royal family today. May God bless and comfort all of you. Campobello Island, New Brunswick Canada


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