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300. Copyright: © Warner Bros. Pictures 2007."Freedom isn't free at all. It comes at the highest of costs - the cost of blood." Based on Frank Miller's celebrated graphic novel, 300 recounts the epic Battle of Thermopylae, at which the 300-strong Spartan army fought to the bloody death against the might of the vastly superior Persians... Read More     
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Summer opening of The Houses of Parliament

Summer Opening of The Houses of ParliamentHouses of Parliament Summer Opening During the Summer Recess the Palace of Westminster, home to the House of Lords and the House of Commons is open for a one hour guided tour, which includes both Chambers and other great State Rooms... Read More 
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Buckingham Palace Tours

Buckingham Palace ToursBuckingham Palace is the official London residence of Her Majesty The Queen and serves as both home and office... Read More   
 Summer Opening of the State Rooms & Royal Mews     
 Summer Opening of the State Rooms  


Easter in LondonFind the best events and goodies for your wee little spring chickens, in our Easter feature. Family Events, Egg Hunts, Art and Entertainment and Clubs, LondonNet is here to help you spend the a great Easter holiday...  

Top Attraction Sellers
(08/03/07 - 21/03/07)

1. London Eye  
2. Madame Tussaud's Admission 
3. Kylie: The Exhibition   
4. Jack the Ripper Tour and Thames Terror Cruise    
5. Travelcards         


The Price of Compassion is Flying High

The other day, I walked out of a chip shop, tripped over a corpse, and lost my lunch to the pavement. I just kept thinking, "I paid 80p for that!"

"You callous oaf," said a fellow passer-by who explained my fall had knocked him over, causing fatal damage to his mobile phone. "I paid UKP120 for that," he added.

"Hey you there!" shouted a man emerging from the partial-wreck of his car.
"I can't believe you two would be so thoughtless. That phone rolled under my wheel. It'll cost me UKP3,000 to fix."

My moral antennae are sharp enough to tell me that had the incident really happened, I'd be castigated for worrying about a few pence when some poor woman was lying there dead. So too the phone-freak, but what about the car-driver, down a few grand on the deal?

The underlying theme of this week's bizarre story about Paul Trinder, who had to spend most of his flight from India stuck next to a dead body, was that having paid a lot of money for his first class seat, he was right to complain.

As he said: "I just kept thinking to myself: 'I've paid more than UKP3,000 for this'."

To be fair, I'd probably feel the same as Trinder, but the logic of our money-made morals is that there is a definite price point at which normal human compassion gives way to understandable wallet worries. Nothing new in that, I guess, but it's worth being reminded every so often. Now for some fresh chips.

- David Clee


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Cats - New Wimbledon Theatre

Cats - New Wimbledon TheatreThe longest-running musical in West End and Broadway history, Cats has enchanted audiences in over 300 cities around the world. Don't miss the chance to experience this legendary musical phenomenon... Read More     
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Top Theatre Sellers
(08/03/07 - 21/03/07)

1. The Phantom Of The Opera   
2. Les Miserables   
3. Blood Brothers    
4. Mary Poppins 
5. We Will Rock You   


Summer Music Festivals 2007

LondonNet's Guide to this year's summer festivalsTickets are now on sale for Give It A Name, the O2 Wireless Festival and Download '07.
To make sure you are not missing out on the hottest music festival tickets of 2007, LondonNet’s Summer Festival Guide is here to help... Read More

Top Music Sellers
(08/03/07 - 21/03/07)

1. Kings Of Leon 
2. Al Green 
3. Spiritualized 
4. Muse 
5. CSS 


Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraThe RPO has been celebrating its 60th anniversary in this 2006-2007 season. Those 60 years have seen the orchestra play across the world, and even have their talents enlisted to play with bands like Queen and Pink Floyd. Upcoming performances include an evening of Mozart and Mahler along with nights of popular rock music (with light show!) or film theme songs… Read More   
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Top Classical Sellers
(08/03/07 - 21/03/07)

1. Onegin  
2. Death In Venice       
3. Mixed Programme       
4. Don Giovanni     
5. Mayerling  


Blockbuster of the Week - 300 (15)

300. Copyright: © Warner Bros. Pictures 2007.Starring: Gerard Butler, Rodrigo Santoro, Lena Headey, Dominic West
Based on Frank Miller's celebrated graphic novel, 300 recounts the epic Battle of Thermopylae, at which King Leonidas and his 300-strong Spartan army fought against the vastly superior Persian army, led by Xerxes...
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Critics' Choice of the Week - Amazing Grace (PG)

Ioan Gruffudd as William Wilberforce and Romola Garai as Barbara Spooner in Michael Apted's Amazing Grace, a Samuel Goldwyn/Roadside Attractions film. Murray Close © 2006 Bristol Bay Productions LLC Starring: Ioan Gruffudd, Benedict Cumberbatch, Romola Garai, Michael Gambon
Biopic of William Wilberforce, the crusader for social change who was at the forefront of the movement to abolish slavery in Great Britain at a time when the Empire held sway...
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Comedy of the Week - I Want Candy (15)

Carmen Electra (Candy Fiveways) in I Want Candy. Buena Vista International Starring: Eddie Marsan, Michelle Ryan, Tom Riley, Tom Burke, Carmen Electra
Ignoring the advice of their film school teacher, Joe and best pal friend Baggy head to London to sell the script of their graduation film...
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The Manny Competition

The Manny CompetitionFirst it was the cosmopolitans. Then Manolo's and the Birkin bag. Now the Manhattan working mums bring you the new must-have accessory…

The MANNY by Holly Peterson

Jamie Whitfield is a working mother from the wrong side of the tracks living in the exclusive blocks of New York's Upper East Side. Concerned about never quite fitting in and juggling the demands of a reporting career, the needs of her children and her neurotic husband, Jamie hires a Manny - a male nanny.

Little does she know that Peter will prove to be a life-saver in more ways than one…

Having sold for USD1 million in the States, The Manny is destined to be the most talked about debut novel of 2007. The film rights have been sold to Sony.

Buy The Manny at Amazon >> 

For your chance to win one of four copies of The Manny, answer the following question:

What is a manny?
a. A nasty nanny
b. A bad nanny
c. A male nanny

Closing Date: Wednesday 4 April 2007, Noon

How to Enter:
- Send an email with the correct answer to [email protected], with the subject "The Manny Competition"
- You must include your name, email address, telephone number and postal address, to be considered for the prize.

More Necessary Info:
- NB MUST include name, email, telephone number and postal address (which will only be used for this compie only - guaranteed). If you don't include your details we can't send you info about the prize!
- First correct answer out of the Editor's hat wins the prize
- Details will be sent to the winner
- LondonNet is not responsible for prize distribution
- The Editor's decision is final 

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London Hotels

4 of the Best

The Jumeirah Carlton TowerThe Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel - Cadogan Place (5*) 
Fantastic location and an intriguing variety of design and dining facilities give this top London hotel something of an edge over many of its rivals. That's before mentioning the breathtaking views available here, views which can even be enjoyed in the rooftop health club and swimming pool...
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The Chesterfield Hotel, MayfairThe Chesterfield Hotel, Mayfair (4*)
Any hotel that offers internet access from all its rooms knows how to move with the times, although the Chesterfield's Georgian décor also respects the past. For fitness fanatics, gym passes are also avilable for the local fitness club.
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Jury London Inn, IslingtonJurys London Inn, Islington (3*)
Jurys London Inn offers an excellent standard of accommodation at a reasonable price. Situated in the fashionable Islington district, this comfortable hotel is perfect for both business travellers and holiday makers  
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Central House Hotel, VictoriaCentral House, Victoria (2*) 
Central House Hotel may be located on a relatively quiet street, but it’s so close to many of London’s top attractions including the Tate Britain, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye that you can walk to them with ease
 Check availability and book online 

3 Accommodation Deals

Adamotel, Earls CourtAdamotel, Earls Court (Budget Rooms)

As Adamotel occupies a striking building, you could almost be fooled into thinking that you have got the wrong address; it just doesn’t look like a cheap London hostel
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Athaneum Hotel London, MayfairAthenaeum Hotel London, Mayfair (5*)
A unique hotel located in Mayfair, which offers a luxurious place to stay whilst enjoying London. Every room is individually decorated, catering to all tastes.
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Shaftesbury Hotel, PiccadillyShaftesbury Hotel, Piccadilly (4*) 
Shaftesbury Hotel is a stunning 4 star hotel, centrally located in London's theatre district. The perfect choice for those looking for a central base for their stay in London, Shaftesbury Hotel is located within easy walking distance of the majority of London's attractions.
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Top Hotel Sellers
(08/03/07 - 21/03/07)

1. Royal Hotel     
2. Chelsea House Hotel    
3. Montana Hotel    
4. Somerset Bayswater    
5. Boulevard Hotel    


Dear LondonNet,
I am looking for tickets for Download 2007. Do you know if they are on sale yet and if so where I can book them from.
Many thanks,
- Sue Harris

Dear Sue,
The Download '07 tickets are now on sale and you can book them by clicking here.
There are others Summer Festival Tickets currently on sale in London and across the UK, so check our Summer Festivals section for more info: 
Best regards,
- LondonNet

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